Monday, April 20, 2015

{hello monday::hello changes}

Hello Monday and hello to a fresh new week with no mistakes in it.
Hello to a busy work week and lots of deadlines.
Hello to getting things done and crossing things off my mille long to-do list.
Hello to a park days, bike rides and play dates.
Hello to getting healthy and starting a new workout plan.
Hello to setting a few new goals and working hard to getting them accomplished.
Hello to setting new routines for more productive days which leads to a happy mommy....happy mommy = happy kids
What are you saying hello to this week?

Friday, April 10, 2015

{Reliving pieces of my childhood}

One of my favorite things about being a mom is sharing pieces of my childhood with my children. This park, known affectionately as the "sea monster park", was one of my all time favorite parks as a kid. If sea monsters sculpted into long, giant slides don't speak fun, I don't know what does.
Yesterday was the first time my two littles joined in on the adventure. Hearing their laughter, seeing my princess so overjoyed at climbing the "mountain" to go down the slide and seeing my biggest revel in his big brother status warmed my heart like none other.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

{life lately::volume 12::it's been a long time}

it's been a long time....
I've missed you...
I've missed writing...
I've missed this...
Life got hard.
Very hard.
Each day was a new obstacle and my only comfort was found in the arms of Jesus and his mercies that are new every morning.
He wiped the tears from eyes and filled me with hope and strength to go on.
What a hope I found in Jesus.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

{currently::volume 2:: I've been an Eeyore, but I'm running away from my raincloud}

-the new year brings, new beginnings, new hopes, a fresh slate...this is not how my new year started, so I've deemed February 12th as my January 1st (more one this later this week).
-these last few weeks have been grueling...monsterous...some of the hardest days I've faced. There were lots of tears, asking God why, punching pillows and stomping feet. And after all that was over there were lots and lots of prayers, asking God for strength, and there was rest.
-I feel like I've just been surviving the last few weeks...doing enough just to get by, but yesterday I finally woke up. God does not want me to just survive, He wants me to thrive. And on those days when I feel like I'm going to just barely make it, I need to draw my strength from Him.
-I've jumped on the oily bandwagon and wow, I am amazed how much they have changed our lives. (more on my oily adventure later)
-my baby boy finally calls me "momma" all the time now, not just when he's upset, and my heart cannot be happier. there is something to be said when your baby calls you "momma".
-the last few weeks I've been an Eeyore and stuck under a raincloud, but the storm is moving and I'm running towards the sun.


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