Thursday, December 16, 2010

{The Sweetest Heartbeat}

Today was a great day. Today I heard my dear baby's heartbeat for the very first time. I cannot put into words the happiness that overflowed inside of me when I heard that thump, thump.

Everything with the baby is going well. I cannot wait to meet the little bean, June cannot come some enough.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

35% off Chronicle Books

Well, unfortunately I did not win the great Haulidays of Books, the Chronicle Books giveaway; however we are not all losers. Chronicle Books has a special offer for you, dear readers. Chronicle Books is offering 35% off, plus free ground shipping for all my readers until December 16th! Can you believe it! 35% off plus ground free shipping--it doesn't get better than that. To take advantage of this wonderful deal, simply use the promo code HAULIDAYS at checkout.

Happy Christmas shopping.


Friday, December 10, 2010

Who wants $500 worth of books from Chronicle? Me. me, me!

Have you heard of the Chronicle Books Haulidays? Well for the those of you haven't heard, Chronicle Books is calling all bloggers to make a list of Chronicle books valued at $500 to be entered into a drawing to win all the books. If any of you, readers, comment on this post and I win, then you will win all the books I have listed here...isn't this fun!

Well, here's my Chronicle wishlist:

Lotta Jansdotter\'s Handmade LivingLittle Book of LetterpressCreative, Inc.Paper + CraftFrench General: Handmade SoiréesAmy Butler\'s Little Stitches for Little OnesFrench Interiors in the Eighteenth CenturyEvery Day\'s a HolidayDecorateCake Pops by BakerellaFrench General: Home SewnThe Baby BumpLove in SpoonfulsAudrey HepburnWallpaper ProjectsCupcake KitChocolate CakesCook It in a Cup!See\'s Famous Old Time Candies

The grand total for my picks is $490.79.

So, what do you think? Which books do you want?


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Baby, I love you

A Mother's Love
Originally uploaded by • ian
Last night I was talking to Einstein about the new baby. He is still having a hard time adjusting, which is normal. With the husband working now, both Einstein and I are adjusting to not having him around as much--it's hard, for the both of us. So, of course, Einstein has been giving a bit of hard time...talking back and all that good stuff. Well, last night I told Einsteing that the baby could hear him talking, and the baby could sense, when he is saying not so nice things. Einstein was in shock. "Can the baby understand what I am saying?" he asked.

"No, but the baby can sense that what you're is not nice. When the baby is born, you don't want the baby to not want to be around you, do you?" I answered.

After a few minutes of deep thought, he came over to me and placed his hand on my stomach and said, "Baby, I love you. It's me Shane."

I just about burst into tears.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

{Number 6: Get Pregnant!}

I know I've been MIA as of late and I feel so horrible (literally) about it. I've missed you guys. But I have a good reason and another thing to cross of my list.

6. Get pregnant

sorry, the picture is a little fuzzy, but here's my little bean

Yes, it's true...I've got a bun in the oven! The husband, Einstein and I are so excited. I'm a bit nervous too...I'm won't be as nervous once I feel this little bean kick. I am due in late spring, aww a spring bean!

This pregnancy and is completely different than my first; hopefully that means the baby will be a girl! The nausea has gotten better, but my aversion to food is still the same. My love for mac and cheese is no more. I'm really craving cheeseburgers, but trying to not give in to them too much. Cheeseburgers and steak are my current faves...thankfully steak can be expensive, otherwise I would be buying it every week. I'm still stuck in the sleepy stage, but it's getting better. I'm getting my energy back, little by little. I am hoping to start exercising again tonight after work.

So, now the secrets please bear with me, if I'm not as consistent in my posting. But know this I am thinking of you always.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thankful Thursday:Job

Sorry I'm late in posting this...this week has been crazy busy.

Anyway, today I am thankful for my husband getting a job. After quite a bit of time, he is now gainfully employed! I am so happy for him, for us, for our family, for our future.

In this day, jobs are so precious and I am so thankful someone realized his potential and his value and hired him.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thankful Thursday:Friendship

" One who has unreliable friends soon comes to ruin,
but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother."
~Proverbs 18:24

Friends and friendship.

My morning started out a little rough. And I got a little upset. And then I prayed. And then I called a good friend of mine. Sometimes you just need to talk to someone to make sure you're not crazy and blowing things out of proportion. It's so wonderful to have a friend who is honest with you and will tell you how it is...even if you might not like it. I value an honest friend more than one who sugar coats everything.

I needed honesty and so I called my friend. She was honest. And she gave me some very valuable advice. Some of it was, I admit, hard to hear, but I knew she was right.

You see, a good friend knows you. And if she is a woman of God she loves with Christ's love. She imparts her God-given wisdom with love. She knows when to speak and when to just be there with you. She sticks closer than a sister.

I am very fortunate to have a friend like this. And after I've spent time with her, I leave feeling blessed. I am so blessed to count her my friend.

But it doesn't just stop there. To have a friend, you must friendly in return. And so I hope I am a good friend to her too. Because friendship takes two, not just one always doing the giving and the other always doing the receiving. It's an equal process of give and take.

I hope she knows how much I love and appreciate her, her friendship is such a gift. I am beyond blessed to call her friend and I am so very thankful to call her my friend.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thankful Thursday: Arms

I've decided to start a new weekly segment for the month of November. It's called "Thankful Thursday". Now, I know we are all very thankful for our families, our jobs, our homes, etc. But what about the little miracles that happen everyday. Are you thankful for those.

This week I'm thankful for arms.

Why am I thankful for arms? Well, I was watching "Greys Anatomy" last week and there was a patient who had lost his arms in a logging accident and he was getting an arm transplant. He had waited 4 years for this.

Well, that episode got me thinking....thinking of all the things I use my arms for everyday. And I realized how fortunate I was to have arms and to have use of them.

Here are some of the reasons I am thankful for arms. I am thankful for arms because....
I can hug my loved ones.
I can hold and comfort Einstein when he is hurt or upset.
I can work.
I can sew.
I can make fun crafts with Einstein.
I can drive.
I cook and bake.
I can feed myself.
I can clean my house.
I can dress myself.
I can water my plants.
I can do pilates
I can go bike riding with Einstein.

And the list can go on and on.

How are you thankful for your arms?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Catching up

I've been a busy little bee as of late.

Saturday, I enjoyed a wonderful game of football. It was Einstein's first game back since he had been sick for more than 2 weeks. I didn't realize how much I missed the weekly Saturday football game. I really enjoy them. Each week is such a good game. And for the first time, Einstein played rather fierce. I was quite impressed. After the game, Einstein spent the night with my aunt and the husband and I had a wonderful relaxing evening at home. Sometimes I forget how nice it is to just sit and home and relax.

Sunday was of course, Halloween. Einstein dressed up as President Ronald Reagan. And unfortunately I have not downloaded the pics from my camera, will do so soon. My sister took Einstein to Hallelujah Night at our church. It was my first time not going and I was a bit sad, but I was not feeling well and I had to finish some homework. Einstein came home happy and tired, so all in all, everyone had a wonderful day.

Good news, on the school front. I just finished my first class at SNHU and guess what??? I got a B+! I am so beyond excited, because the professor's grading was a little off, but all in all everything worked out. The class I am taking now, I'm totally in love with being that I'm very patriotic and all. I am now taking American Politics and I couldn't be taking it at a better time.

I now I've been missing for a few days and I promise to get better. I would have written something up Monday night, but a dear friend came over and sometimes it's more important to have some good ol' fashioned girl time. And believe me, I really needed it. After she left, I realized how wonderful and blessed I am to have such a good woman in my life as a friend and sister in Christ. Do you have anyone like that? Isn't it wonderful!?

Well, anyways, I think I've caught you up on everything. Happy Wednesday! Hope the rest of the week just flows by smoothly.


Monday, October 25, 2010

An Itch Under My Skin

Claudia Domenig
I love flamingos.

I have always been fascinated by them ever since I was little.

When I came across this photograph I was struck in awe. Part in because of the beautiful flamingo and part because this is how I feel right now. Let me explain.

I have this itch.

It's way under my's an scratchable itch.

It's an itch instigated by someone...someone who gets under my skin. And yes, in a way I let them get under my skin. They are kind of like a thorn in the flesh.

I remember when I was first studying the missionary journeys of Paul in my junior high Bible class; I was intrigued by him and all that went through. Especially when I learned of his "thorn in the flesh"--his sight.  At the time, being a naive jr. higher, I was so happy that I did not have a "thorn in my flesh". Time went by, of course as I got older, and hopefully a bit wiser; I came to learn my own "thorn in the flesh". It's not always the samething or the same person, but it's definately there, like an unscratchable itch.

It's an itch I would definately like to scratch, but because God loves me He won't let me. I've been struggling with this "thorn in the flesh" the last couple of years. This past year it has been getting increasingly worse. This weekend it struck me once again. At first I started to get upset. And then my husband reminded me to not let it ruin my weekend. And I'm ashamed to say, this is not the first time he's told me this, it's just the first time I've listened. I let out my frustrations and then I just prayed and moved on.

And as I sit her in contemplation, I think maybe if I had done this earlier, "the thorn in my flesh" might be a little less or may be nonexistent. I don't know. But I do know this, life is alot easier when you give say a little prayer and give things over to God.

Now for some fun stuff. Here a some fun links to start off your week.

Now that it's finally raining over here, I can get my soup on. First soup up is this Baked Potato Soup.

It's been cold, which means it's officially hot chocolate weather. And so it is time for a cup of this.

I wish my dad made me pancakes like this.

Do you fancy some pearsauce? I plan on making some this week.

Have a good Monday.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wordless Wednesday:Rain, Rain Stay Awhile

Well, it's finally raining here in good ole' southern California. And so, in honor of the rain Wordless Wednesday is about the rain.

via Cuba Gallery

via Sion Fullana

via enzinho

via Gordana AM

via State Library of New South Wales

via Sir Cam

via Rob H

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Meet Marcel the Shell...he'll put a smile on your face

I've been having a rough couple of days.

Things over here have been crazy, busy.

 I finally got my paper done and just in the knick of time...submitted it 15 minutes before it was due. For now, the rest of the term should be smooth sailing. Whew!

Here is a little video I would like to share with will surely put a smile on your face, especially when you're having a not-so-good day.

I introduce you to Marcel the Shell

MARCEL THE SHELL WITH SHOES ON from Dean Fleischer-Camp on Vimeo.


Friday, October 15, 2010

The mommy who lied

When I was young and I would dream about being married and having kids, one thing I vowed to myself and my unborn children was that I would not lie to them. I would always be honest, brutally honest if need be.

And then I had this cutie.

And I kept my vow unit he was about 2 years old and his fish died. I don't do with death well, and he doesn't do with change well. So, I thought the best thing for both of us would be to, quietly and quickly, replace the said fish, which I did. And for a few days, no one was the wiser. Then about a week later, Einstein asked why the fish had changed color. I was shocked that he noticed...I mean normal two year old's would notice such a thing. But then again, he's not your average, normal kid.

So, what did I do? Well, first, I just ignored him, but that didn't work for long. Then I just kept saying that I didn't notice anything different. But he still wasn't satisfied. Finally, I gave in, broke my vow of long ago, and lied. I told him that the fish had been sick, so I took it to the doctor and the doctor gave it medicine. The fish changed color because the medicine was working and that was why the fish had changed color. He looked me in the eye and said ok and walked off happily. I felt so guilty for breaking my vow and for lying to my dear boy. But I guess not guilty enough because I did the same thing 3 more times over the next couple of years.

Flash forward to the present day.

As we were getting to leave yesterday morning, Einstein called me to his room. I walked in to find him staring at Chandler, his current beta fish. He looked at me with his big brown eyes, and asked with a bit a sadness,

"I think he's dead....or he's gonna die. Look, he's staying at the bottom of the bowl."

I looked a Chandler, something definitely didn't look right. He was floating rather closely to the bottom and kind of struggling to get to the top.

"Maybe he's hungry." I said. "Why don't you feed him right now and see what happens."

So, Einstein dropped a few food pellets in the water. Chandler struggled to get to the top to eat. At that moment I knew the end was nearing. And for a split second I started strategizing a way to have him replaced before Einstein came home from school. And then I stopped. Einstein is getting older, he's gonna be eight soon and I realized, I can't always shelter him from the little tragedies of life. So, every gently I explained that Chandler was getting old, for a beta fish, we had lived for a long time. And there was a possibility that he might die. And if that happened we could always get another one. Einstein stood in silence for moment; we both stood there looking at dear little Chandler. Then Einstein looked at me and said,

"I am sad, but's ok because I don't want him to be in pain, you know. And in heaven, he won't feel pain. And we can always get another Chandler at the pet store."

And then he went downstairs. I stood there proud of myself that I didn't lie to him about the state of Chandler, but perplexed that he thought his fish would go to heaven. Well, on the brightside, at least he didn't directly ask me if Chandler would go to leave. We'll just leave that for another day.


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Gearing up the week.

via tooshoo

Right now I'm gearing for the week...a crazy, hectic week.

Here is a list of everything I must get done this week:
  1. Homework
  2. Write a 2000 word paper for my Humanities class
  3. Finish up some bookkeeping work from a client
  4. Help my client open up her store this week.
  5. Work on my journaling.
  6. Go the Getty to gather more info for my paper
  7. Clear off part of my desk so that I can actually see it.
  8. Most importantly spend time with my boys.
As you can see, I have a lot on my plate this week. And if you don't already know by now, I am kinda of a bit of procrastinator. So, I'm hoping and praying I am able to survive this week with more laughs than tears.

So, how does your week look?


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Oh my back!

via LisaGenius
 I'm sorry for my blogging absence.

I hurt my back, and so I've been flat on my back since Saturday.

I am feeling a bit better, and so I have a new post up tomorrow.



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