Sunday, June 6, 2010

Einstein Hair

The other morning, my son comes bursting into my room, disturbing my sweet slumber. "Momma, momma! How does my hair look?"  I slowly crack one eye open. "It looks fine," I say.
"No, Momma. Look again, really look. Here let me turn on the light so you can really see."
Oh no, not the light, I think to myself. Just then, he flicks on the oh so, bright light. I sit up. His hair has been slicked down with lots and lots of gel, parted to the side just the way he likes. "Honey, it looks fine."
"Are you sure, Momma?" He looks at me with his brown puppy dog eyes.
"Yes, Honey, it looks fine."
"Does it look like 'Einstien hair'?" he askes.
" 'Einstein hair'? No. Why?" I have a slight feeling someone must have made fun of his hair. He is in disparate need of hair cut and he has always been very sensitive when it comes to his hair ever since preschool. You see, when my little guy was a wee one he had curly hair. On this first day of preschool, several kids came up and touched his hair. It really freaked him out. Not only that, several kids made fun of him because he was the only one in the class that had curly hair. Although now that his hair has lost most  it's curl, it's just slighty wavy, he is still self conscience of it. He begins to explain.
"Yesterday at school, Mr. T (his 1st grade teacher) called me 'Einstein hair'," he says with eyes filled with sadness.
I needed to come up with something quick. So I said, "Honey, he didn't call you 'Einstein hair' because of your hair. He called you that because you are smart. You see, there is a very famous scientist name Albert Einstein who was very, very smart. So you see, Mr. T called you 'Einstein Hair' because he thinks you are really smart. I wish someone called me 'Einstein'." I give him a big hug and kiss.
"Thanks, Momma. I love you! See you later, 'Einstein'." He smiles at me and leaves full of confidence.
On my drive to work I call my sister, who's in beauty school, and ask her to come over cut my little Einstein's hair.
This is my little Einstein with his new hair cut....isn't he soooo handsome...I'm a proud momma!

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