Thursday, June 10, 2010

Playoffs and Tears

This is my little Einstein. He is 7 years old. He has never liked sports of any kind. Back in April, during parent/teacher conference, his teacher strongly advised us to put Einstein in some kind of sport so he would learn to be a "team player". And so the next week, I signed up my little Einstein for baseball.

I was so nervous his first day of practice. I knew that if he did not at least catch and hit the ball once, he would be so discouraged and want to quit. You see, my little Einstein is a perfectionist to the core. He will not do something unless he knows he will succeed. But that day something kind of wonderful happened. Einstein hit the ball on his first try! Not only that, he also caught the ball not once, but twice!

Here is Einstein with his coach. After Einstein hit the ball, for the very first time ever, his coach called him a "natural". Well, that just about sealed the deal for Einstein. The moment the coach utter those beautiful words, "You're a natural," Einstein had made up his mind that he would be a baseball player for life.

So let's fast forward to present day. By random stroke of luck, Einstein's team made the playoffs. And so today was the first playoff game. Einstein woke up today, excited as ever, to play in the playoffs. I raced home from work, helped Einstein with his uniform, and then we were off to the game.
I would have to say, this game was the very best game of the whole season. It was so tense, so much action, so close...but no cigar. They did not win. But my little Einstein gave it his all and played the best ever! He had two great hits, scored two runs, and brought home 4 teammates with his hits.

Call me a wuss, but as soon as my little Einstein stepped up to plate a tear rolled down my cheek. And then when touched first base and went on to second the tears kept coming. And finally when he hit home, forget it I was a goner! Look at him.

Isn't he a cutie! I know you would cry too....What can I say, I'm one proud Momma!

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  1. AWW this is the stuff of life that gives strength to the soul for future difficult days!!
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful story Monique!
    So proud of "Einstein"!
    All the BEST!!


thank you for your comment...i read every one and they make me smile.


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