Thursday, July 29, 2010

I'm a soccer mom and proud of it!

"We are the champions,
  We are the champions
  No times for losers
 'Cause we are the champions-of the world"

Einstein had his first soccer championship game today and if you haven't already guessed, his team won!

I have never been so proud of him! He played the best he's ever played this whole season! He turned into this super aggressive, super powerful soccer player!

When I was pregnant with Einstein, I vowed that I would not turn into a crazy minivan driving, soccer mom. Well, I don't have a minivan, but I've fully embraced the soccer mom title and all its glory.

I am the mom that sits on the very edge of the sidelines and cheers with all her might.
I am the mom that jumps up, when they score their first goal.
I am the mom that screams and cheers so much that by the end of the game I no longer have a voice.
I am the mom that starts to cry when the whistle blows to signify the game has ended and that Einstein and his team have won.

I am a mom who is so very, very, very proud of her son and all that he has accomplished today.

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