Wednesday, August 25, 2010

{Oh, I want that!}::Peacocks

Every once and awhile I come across something so absolutely, wonderfully, lovely that I must have and I must share or I will explode! Here's what I found today.

Aren't these clips so adoreable?!?! I love anything feathery, especially if you can put it in your hair. These wonderful clips come from the Garden of Whimsy. Make sure to check out the shop for more lovely goodness.

When I saw these shoes my heart went a flutter! I love high heels, I love peacocks, and my favorite color of the moment is teal---these shoes have it all.

Now, you can't have beautiful peacock heels without the matching purse. Check out Paris xox for more fashionable goodies.

I love cupcakes. I love peacocks. Whats better then a edible peacock feather to garnish your favorite cupcake.

So, what do you think? Which is your fav?

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