Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Aww...September, you are finally here!

Road  into  Autumn
via algo

I am soooo happy September is finally here!

Yes, I am sad to see summer slipping away, but fall has some new and exciting things waiting for me like this.

I just can't wait until I heart Fall starts! If you like to journal or what to start journaling you must check out this online journaling class.. There are only a few spots left. And while you're at it why don't you check out Janel's wonderful blog too!

A couple new and exciting opportunities may come into fruition. I am very excited to see what fall has for me.

School will be starting.

Apples will be rippening and needing to be picked.

I want to make this pillow for my bedroom.

I am inspired by this. And I'm thinking of making something like to for Einstein's room, but with a little twist.
I'm thinking of making this and giving it to someone special.

This cute cross stich makes me want to drink some hot cocoa and curl up with a good book. Check out all the other cute stuff  Kam has in her shop.

Do you have anything special in store for September?

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  1. Thanks for including me :D I just want to get lost in the main photo, the colors are stunning!


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