Thursday, December 16, 2010

{The Sweetest Heartbeat}

Today was a great day. Today I heard my dear baby's heartbeat for the very first time. I cannot put into words the happiness that overflowed inside of me when I heard that thump, thump.

Everything with the baby is going well. I cannot wait to meet the little bean, June cannot come some enough.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

35% off Chronicle Books

Well, unfortunately I did not win the great Haulidays of Books, the Chronicle Books giveaway; however we are not all losers. Chronicle Books has a special offer for you, dear readers. Chronicle Books is offering 35% off, plus free ground shipping for all my readers until December 16th! Can you believe it! 35% off plus ground free shipping--it doesn't get better than that. To take advantage of this wonderful deal, simply use the promo code HAULIDAYS at checkout.

Happy Christmas shopping.


Friday, December 10, 2010

Who wants $500 worth of books from Chronicle? Me. me, me!

Have you heard of the Chronicle Books Haulidays? Well for the those of you haven't heard, Chronicle Books is calling all bloggers to make a list of Chronicle books valued at $500 to be entered into a drawing to win all the books. If any of you, readers, comment on this post and I win, then you will win all the books I have listed here...isn't this fun!

Well, here's my Chronicle wishlist:

Lotta Jansdotter\'s Handmade LivingLittle Book of LetterpressCreative, Inc.Paper + CraftFrench General: Handmade SoiréesAmy Butler\'s Little Stitches for Little OnesFrench Interiors in the Eighteenth CenturyEvery Day\'s a HolidayDecorateCake Pops by BakerellaFrench General: Home SewnThe Baby BumpLove in SpoonfulsAudrey HepburnWallpaper ProjectsCupcake KitChocolate CakesCook It in a Cup!See\'s Famous Old Time Candies

The grand total for my picks is $490.79.

So, what do you think? Which books do you want?


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Baby, I love you

A Mother's Love
Originally uploaded by • ian
Last night I was talking to Einstein about the new baby. He is still having a hard time adjusting, which is normal. With the husband working now, both Einstein and I are adjusting to not having him around as much--it's hard, for the both of us. So, of course, Einstein has been giving a bit of hard time...talking back and all that good stuff. Well, last night I told Einsteing that the baby could hear him talking, and the baby could sense, when he is saying not so nice things. Einstein was in shock. "Can the baby understand what I am saying?" he asked.

"No, but the baby can sense that what you're is not nice. When the baby is born, you don't want the baby to not want to be around you, do you?" I answered.

After a few minutes of deep thought, he came over to me and placed his hand on my stomach and said, "Baby, I love you. It's me Shane."

I just about burst into tears.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

{Number 6: Get Pregnant!}

I know I've been MIA as of late and I feel so horrible (literally) about it. I've missed you guys. But I have a good reason and another thing to cross of my list.

6. Get pregnant

sorry, the picture is a little fuzzy, but here's my little bean

Yes, it's true...I've got a bun in the oven! The husband, Einstein and I are so excited. I'm a bit nervous too...I'm won't be as nervous once I feel this little bean kick. I am due in late spring, aww a spring bean!

This pregnancy and is completely different than my first; hopefully that means the baby will be a girl! The nausea has gotten better, but my aversion to food is still the same. My love for mac and cheese is no more. I'm really craving cheeseburgers, but trying to not give in to them too much. Cheeseburgers and steak are my current faves...thankfully steak can be expensive, otherwise I would be buying it every week. I'm still stuck in the sleepy stage, but it's getting better. I'm getting my energy back, little by little. I am hoping to start exercising again tonight after work.

So, now the secrets please bear with me, if I'm not as consistent in my posting. But know this I am thinking of you always.



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