Thursday, December 9, 2010

Baby, I love you

A Mother's Love
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Last night I was talking to Einstein about the new baby. He is still having a hard time adjusting, which is normal. With the husband working now, both Einstein and I are adjusting to not having him around as much--it's hard, for the both of us. So, of course, Einstein has been giving a bit of hard time...talking back and all that good stuff. Well, last night I told Einsteing that the baby could hear him talking, and the baby could sense, when he is saying not so nice things. Einstein was in shock. "Can the baby understand what I am saying?" he asked.

"No, but the baby can sense that what you're is not nice. When the baby is born, you don't want the baby to not want to be around you, do you?" I answered.

After a few minutes of deep thought, he came over to me and placed his hand on my stomach and said, "Baby, I love you. It's me Shane."

I just about burst into tears.

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