Monday, May 2, 2011


Bed rest and pregnancy has done wonders on my memory. I feel like I can only retain information for no more than 5 minutes! It's driving me crazy! So, one night I telling my husband how I felt like an old lady because I couldn't remember anything and felt like I was letting my days go to waste. So, of course is his organized fashion, he suggested that write things down--to make lists. I said that was all good and dandy and I know it worked for him there's only one problem--I make the list and then forget where I put it. Well, of course, he had a solution to this, and here it is.

He made me a notebook so I could write down all my lists. And for the first time ever, I actually wasn't opposed to the idea, instead, I welcomed it--and I got right down to writing down everything I needed to get done before it slipped my mind.

I was actually quite surprised how many things I needed to take care of--whew, I got tired just writing it all down.

This is just the beginning. What about you? Do you write lists?


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