Thursday, August 25, 2011

Riding Down the Roller Coaster of Life

Wicked roller coaster by Mandi Coleman
Wicked roller coaster, a photo by Mandi Coleman on Flickr.
Life can be a roller coaster. A scary, twisty, fast, upside down roller coaster.

Have you ever been on this kind of roller coaster? The roller coaster of life that takes you up, down and around--you don't ever know which way you're going, you're just hoping it ends soon.

So much has happened since the birth of my little princess--some things I expected and some I would have never dreamed of. Some of it good, some of it bad and some of it blessings in a very unexpected way. The future before me is so bright, yet so scary--So full of hope and promise, and yet so full of the unexpected and unknown. I'm scared and excited all in one. God has put me in place where I can only look up to Him and hold His hand while I ride this roller coaster. And it can be very, very scary at times, during those times all I can do is just close my eyes and hold His hand a little tighter.

Have you been on any roller coasters lately?

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