Wednesday, December 7, 2011

We are the champions

Last Saturday was not like any other. First off, it was Einstein's 9th birthday and it also just so happened to be the championship football game for his football the Georgia Bulldogs. This game was a big deal. You see last year his team was undefeated the entire season and then at the championship game they lost--badly. This year their team was number 1 in the league. They only last one game the entire season.  So, you see this game was a big one.

Einstein is #98 and he plays center. I am not quiet sure exactly what he does. I just know that he plays an important position and that he hikes the ball. Anyways, back to the game.

The game started and I was pins and needles, just praying the boys would strong and listen to their coaches. We scored the first touchdown in the first five mintutes. Then a few minutes later, we scored another touchdown. The boys were doing good, their morale was high and then the opposing team got the ball and scored a touchdown.

Our boys started to loose it momentarily. They started messing up. The opposing team was gaining yards, they were close to scoring another touchdown. And then our boys steal the ball and score another touchdown.

Final score:

When the whistle blew to signal the end of the game, the boys just ran to in a huddle and started jumping on each other. You should have seen the boys...their smiles ran from ear to ear.

After the game, the boys all jumped on Einstein and sang "Happy Birthday" to him. That's Einstein in the middle.

Right after the game, they handed out the trophies. Look at those proud little faces. proud of my boy....he looks so cute. Don't you just want to kiss his sweaty head???


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