Saturday, February 25, 2012

{i'm back....finally}

I'm back!
And it's so good to be back!
I have missed you all so much!

You see this little girl. Well, she is part of the reason why I have MIA.

You see this little cutie got sick...the first time she's ever gotten sick.

And when she got, she got sick. She got the stomach flu and a severe cold all at the same time. The stomach flu left her dehydrated for a few days, with a fever to top it off.

 One morning she woke up and she would hardly move. And if you knew my little princess you would know that there was definitely something wrong. This girl doesn't stop for nothing. For most of the day, she would just lay down anywhere I placed her. It was sad. My heart was breaking to see her like that. But thankfully, by the end of the day she started to crawl a bit and within a few days she was back to her normal self.

The only thing worse of taking care of a sick baby is taking care of a sick baby when you're sick too! Let's just say it's been a rough couple of weeks. But alas, everyone is now well and I am just desperately trying my best to catch up on everything.

So, how have you been? Let's catch up!


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  1. Glad to hear you are all better, love the blog, royal daughter sent me over


thank you for your comment...i read every one and they make me smile.


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