Friday, March 16, 2012

{coffee date: a tough week}


grab a cup of coffee and let's sit and chat for a bit.

this week has been a tough week. i had had big plans for this know what they say about having plans.

it all started monday....oh, monday, was not good to me. it lived up to it's reputation of being horrible. and just when i was about to give up, i received some encouraging words from two precious blog/twitter friends... and when my husband came home he took over and told me to go take a break...knowing i wouldn't leave willingly, he esentially had to push me out of the house--and i'm so glad he did. i went out, ran some errands, enjoyed the freedom to regroup, and after about an hour went back home.

the rest of the week was not so bad, just a bit hectic.

i am in my second week of school and try as i might, to get and stay ahead, this week was a total fail.  i am taking 2 classes, which is considered full time and though it may be challenging but i do enjoy it because i can finally see the end in sight. I am hoping to catch up tonight so that come sunday I am not frantically trying to finish and post my work by the stroke of midnight.

i was able to make some new hair facinators and headbands for the shop and i am so excited about them...i can't wait to show you. I hoping to have them listed in the shop this weekend, just waiting for my sister to come over and be my model.

i am so excited because it is supposed to rain this weekend. and that means staying we get to stay in with a cozy fire and comfy clothes and once the kids are in bed, maybe an old movie or two. i just love the rain.

so what about you? how was your week?

oh, don't forget, i am linking up with alissa over at rags to stiches...make sure you check her out!

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