Wednesday, March 14, 2012

{a ding dong and milk kind of day}

ever had one of those days where you feel like every hour gets progessively worse; and you begin to wonder what else can possibly happen now?  and when the day is finally over, all you want to do is be alone, watch a gushy movie so you have a reason to cry and  sink your teeth into some chocolately goodness...well today was one of those days. and so when i went grocery shopping and i saw the ding dongs i couldn't resist.

ding dongs were a crucial part of my childhood. when I was little, my mom would always put a ding dong in my lunch...basically my lunch was not complete unless it had a ding dong in it. and on those specials, when i was being good, my mom would throw a couple of ding dongs in the freezer for an extra special treat. I would always savor my ding dong, it would be the last i would eat. it was the highlight of my lunch time. i can still remember the feeling, as i would carefully peel back the foil as to not rip it because after i was done eating my precious ding dong, i would smooth it and fold it over and over again until it could no longer be folded.

well, after today,  i needed that kind of feeling so i bought a box of ding dongs. and after the kids were in bed, i popped in "because I said so", grabbed a ding dong and a glass of milk and curled up on the couch, and relished in the quiet simplicity. 

what do you do when you have a not so good day?


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