Thursday, March 8, 2012

{i must be doing something right}

I have had a horrible headache since Sunday. It's one of those headaches that is a constant pain in the back of your head. and at  certain times it roars it's ugly head and becomes increasinly worse (at the worst possible times, of course).

Well, anyways, this headache of mine, kept me up last night. the pain was so bad i couldn't sleep. and, like always, my little princess decided this morning would be the perfect time to wake up a wee bit early. which meant i only got 2 whooping hours of sleep. yes, I said 2 hours of sleep. I was able to get in a little a nap while at my mom's house in the early afternon why she watched the little princess, but was still tired and so was the little princess. So, after I pickup Einstein from school, I decided to lay down the with little princess for a bit, hoping she would take a long nap to catch up on some much need sleep. When I woke from my nap i was handed this:

Einstein couldn't wait for me to read it before, I started telling what he wrote. In case you can't read (sorry, cell phone camera)this is what it says, word for word:

Clean at Last

Dear Mom,
I cleaned out your straw so now you can drink water out of it again! I cleaned it by putting the cap on one and the other side that is open I put sope & water. Then I put my finger on the other side, so the sope water would not spill out. Then I shook it back and fourth. When I was done I took off the cap and rinced it out. and that was all and now it's cleaned! It's just drying on the window seal! By dinnertime it should be dry. Hope you get a good sleep!


Sorry, first let me give a little background about the whole straw thing, so that the letter makes a little more sense. Ok, so a few weeks ago the husband bought us all water bottles to make sure we get our 8 glasses of water a day. Well, being the rebel that I am I made fruit punch crystal light in my bottle and thus ruined my straw. so now whenever I use it to drink water, it has a slight, watered down fruit punch taste to it. i was little bummed about it and a few nights ago, i was telling Einstein how i wished i could drink water in my bottle again.

fast forward to today. i guess Einstein was feeling a little bad for me because of headache, so he decided to do something nice for me. he's very sweet like that. and thus, the reason for the letter. he was so excited to have solved my problem for me.  I wish you could have seen the smile on his face.

it was kinda like this:

aww...isn't he handsome.

When Einstein does sweet little things like this for me, it makes me think i must be doing something right.  



  1. That is such a sweet story! Sounds like you are doing lots of things right!

    1. thanks for your sweet words...sometimes being a mommy is hard work.


thank you for your comment...i read every one and they make me smile.


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