Friday, March 9, 2012

{let's sit and have some coffee}


I have been inspired by Alissa over at Rags to Stiches to have a weekly coffee date.

I already feel like we're friends, so why not, sit have some coffee together? Sometimes I have stuff I just wanna share with you, but write it in post just doesn't make sense...probably it's because it's stuff you talk about over coffee with a friend. And so, let's sit and have some coffee, i've got some things to tell you.

On Monday, I started a new session of school. This session I am taking Victorian Lit and math for humanities. the math class scares me and i might drop it. I was talking to my advisor this week and she informed me that i only have 7 classes left (that is if i don't drop the math class) till i graduate...I can't believe it. the fact that i'm so close to graduating has been floating around in my mind all week. tonight i was watchting gilmore girls (i know, surprise, surprise), it was the episode when rory graduates from yale and it hit me. that's gonna be me next year. i just couldn't believe it. i mean i still can't believe right now as i type this. I have been working so hard to get here and to finally see the end in sight, all i can say is "Wow"!

this week has been a little hard for you know the little princess is sick again and it's been hard having a sick baby and a horrible headache. yesterday was really hard for both us. I think we've just had enough of being at home...we miss our friends and our playdates. thankfully, my little one is on the mend and next week will be business as usual.

einstein started baseball this week. i'm so glad, basketball was beginning to be a little stressful to watch. he also won the 3rd place trophy in honor's scrabble...we so proud of him. he was so excited, he didn't even know he was close to winning a trophy.

saturday my little sister turns 21! i know, i can't believe it! and i get to bake the cake! she asked me too and i'm so honored to do it for her. it's so wierd to think that 21 years ago i was changing her diapers...oh how time flies, sniff, sniff.

now that i've finished watching gilmore girls (the husband is secretly happy) i am thinking of moving on to mad men in preparation of the season premier later this month.

well, that's all for now. make sure you hop on over to alissa's, i know she has lots to tell you too!

is there anything you have to share? i would love to know what's going on with you, please share in the comments below.


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  1. gotta love gilmore girls!
    found your blog on rags to stitches, it is so precious! :)

    xo victoria


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