Monday, April 16, 2012

coffee date: meandering through the crazy

First things first...I've decided to make our coffee dates a weekly thing around here--not sure if i mentioned that before--however, although they will be weekly, that does not mean that will be on the same day every week--afterall, i cannot predict when i will need to sit and have coffee with a friend.

 ok, now that we have got all that out of the way...grab a cup of coffee and pull up a chair--i've got a lot to say.

This week I realized how just how fast the last 10 months flew by...I mean look at my little princess, just 10 months ago.

And look at her now...tear.

She has been crawling around the house like a mad woman...a few days ago she started pushing around this laundry basket--she is itching to walk, which makes me want to cry more. She pushes the basket back and forth, across the living room--she's thinks it's the greatest thing in the world. I wish I could be so easily amused.

Every day she looks more and more like her brother, which makes me want to cry to think of how much he has grown. I mean look at him...

Believe it or not, he once was this small...

...or shall I saw this young, hee, hee...he was never "small".

This week has not been all fun and has been tough...not wanting to get out of bed tough. I've had to deal with some crazy things that involve some crazy people...and I mean crazy. sometimes I just sit and think, really, could it get any worse? and unfortunately, sometimes it does.

and no matter how hard, difficult and crazy last week was there is always a silver lining. and that silver lining was God.

Ever have one of times when God speaks to you loud and clear, and not matter how much you want to ignore you can't. as much as you wish you didn't hear what He was saying, you know you must listen and obey...and obeying can be hard sometimes especially when obeying means trusting...and trusting...oh, it's even harder. if you've know me long, you would know how hard it is for me to is something i struggle with every single day. and right now, God is call me to trust and i'm scared...scared out of my mind. in the end, I know it is for the best, but i'm just scared...have i also mentioned that i tend to be a little scared when it comes to big, important things? anyways, that's something for another day.

on a lighter note...i've got some possibly exciting news...a few days ago, the husband and i went for a walk around our neighborhood. well, now our walk we came across a house that was for rent. so, just for fun we called. we found out it was a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house that was priced within our budget. i immediately made an appointment to see it the next day. to be honest, i didn't have high hopes for it based on it's price...i just thought it would be too good too be true to find a decent house in our neighborhood at that price...well, let's just say, i was presently suprised. the first thing i saw was the granite coutertops, the bigger kitchen, the not green carpet, the beautiful light coming through the windows, the laundry right off the kitchen, the nice backyard...i can go on and on. don't get me wrong, there are some drawbacks...for instance, just 2 bathrooms, no walk-in closets, only one shower and it's a stall shower, the garage not connected to the house...i won't bore you with the rest. my point is, this house would be great for us...the kids would have their owns, which would solve a myriad of problems...but importantly there is a yard for einstein to play in...i've wanted a place with a yard for him to be able to play for so long. to top it off, the landlords are seem to be pretty nice too. there would be a few obstacles to cross if we were to move here...obstacles that could only be crossed with God, so i have a request. Would you pray for us, that if it's God will, He will work everything out and we would get the house...thanks so much! I will keep you posted.

Well, that's all i have to share for now...what about you? how have you been? how can i pray for you?


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