Thursday, April 5, 2012

{ a little bit about me...and some embarrassing photos}

i am goofy...i try to be funny, try is the operative word...i usually just end up just cracking myself up...this is me trying to be funny.

this is as close as i've ever come to being blonde.

every time i try to pose "naturally" for pictures i end up looking someone is holding me hostage. you wouldn't know it from this picture, but i had just gotten engaged and i was trying to show off my beautiful engagement ring.

the beach is one of my favorite places...i love the beach!

some people think i'm very serious and reserved...this is my attempt to prove them wrong.

my husband likes to take close up pictures like this...i tell him he's going to break the camera, he says their beautiful...we agree to disagree.

another one of my husband's impromtu close up...this one i actually like.

plumeria is one of my most favorite flowers...i have a small plumeria tree and i am hoping it blooms this summer.

almost all the pictures of me and the husband are like this (minus our wedding pictures)...mostly because he is always holding the camera...these are our "camera" smiles.

this is being our goofy selves.

i hope my goofy pictures made you laugh...and i hope you know a little bit more about it's your turn tell me a little something goofy about you!

today i am guest posting over at Rags to Stiches...make sure you head on over to see the fun little diy i shared.

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