Thursday, May 3, 2012

{Coffee Date: Moving Mountains}

If you were coming over today I would tell you be careful of the all the boxes and direct to you the sofa because it is the only piece of furniture that isn't cuttered with other things.

as we sat down and got comfy i would begin to tell you about my crazy week.

it actually started the week before when the husband and i decided to take nice early evening walk--the weather was beautiful and we wanted to take advantage of it. on our walk i spotted a house with a "for rent" sign in the window. just for fun I called the number. i found out it was a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house in our price range. I was curious, so i made an appointment to see it the next day. the husband and i joked about how fun it would be to move one block over. at the time we had no serious intention of moving. our financial difficulties would not allow us to move at this current time. not only that, be we would have to give 30 days notice to our current landlords and we knew no perspective landlord would want to wait that long.

well, the next day i saw the house. and i must admit, i was quite surprised. it was really cute. it had nice kitchen, bigger than what we have now. the carpet was not emerald green. it had a fireplace, albeit a fake one, but it was still a fireplace. the bedrooms were smaller, but there were three of central air/heat, but there was a wall unit. there were windows, lots and lots of windows. it was one-story. and the laundry was right off the kitchen. and then we went outside and experienced the backyard. the backyard was big! it had a nice covered patio too. i was immediately sold. it wasn't perfect, but it could work for us and the backyard--the thought that my kids, especially einstein would have a backyard to play in was monumental. but still in the back of my mind i knew it would never happen--i took an application anyway. i immediately called the husbanda and told him all about it. he wanted to see it too. so i made an appointment for him to see it the next day. after he saw it he fell in love with it too. i reminded him that because of our financial issue it could never be...he said let's pray about for a few days and decide then. we took the weekend to pray, on sunday (last sunday) i asked him what should we do? he said "let's fill out the application and see what happens." so that's what we did. I meet with the landlord next day to drop off the application.

When I meet with the prospective landlord the next day, she took the application, looked it over real quick and asked me when we could move in. I was taken off guard, I didn't know what to say. I told we would have to give our current landlords 30 days notice, so we couldn't move for another month--we couldn't afford to pay double rent. She asked if i though our landlords would let us move out sooner with penalty and told her probably not. She took the application and said she would show it to her husband and then we would go from there. A few more days passed and we heard nothing--we just prayed. After about 4 days I called her to ask about the status of our application. She asked me if we paid our rent on time and i said of course. She said, "Ok the house is yours." I was stunned! I didn't know what to credit check, no other questions. Just a simple, can you pay the rent? After about a few seconds of pure shock, I said "What! the house is ours???" She are answers simply, "Yes, when can you move in?" I told her i would get back to her.
one mountain moved.

I immediately called the husband and told him everything that had happened. He couldn't believe it. I told reminded him there were still some mountains that God would have to move if this were to be possible. first off, he would have to fix our financial dilema.

later that day, my current landlords called. they said my prosective landlord had called them asking about us. he told me they gave us raving reviews and were very sad if were to leave them. I told him we felt the same way--they had been the best landlords we have ever had. he then went on tell me that he felt like the Lord was prompting him to calls us and that in 35 years he'd been a landlord he had never said what he was about to say. he then went to tell me that they wanted to do what they could to help us move and so they would let us move before the 30 days. they just so happened to have a prospective renter who wanted to move in immediately and so if we wanted to move out soon we could. again i  was in shock...i coudn't believe what i was hearing. I told him i would talk to the husband let him know the next day.

another mountain moved.

My husband took the next day off to try "fix" our financial issue. I had gotten sick over night and had decided to take a nap. a little while later he woke me up and said, "get ready to start packing, I got everything fixed!" stunned and shocked, partly from being woken up so abruptly, I couldn't believe what i was hearing.

the last and largest mountin moved.

 never in my life, have i seen God work in such way. to be honest, as sit in the midst of boxes, I am still shocked how everything worked out so perfectly and that we are moving. what started as a "let us just look for fun" turned out to be a "we're moving in a week".

as we finish up our coffee i would confess that before this happened i had been struggling with major doubts as to whether God loved me. I kept feeling that every way I turned, I was hit with problem after problem. I felt like I was drowning and it seemed like everyone around me was receiving blessing after blessing...and i wondered if it would ever be my turn. I felt like throwing the towel and giving up. and then out of nowhere God moved mountains. And if i hadn't seen myself, i don't know if i would believed it. and to think that he moved mountains for me. 

I am still in awe.

When people find out that we are moving, and ask how did it all happen so fast, I simply answer,

"It was God. He moved mountains."


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  1. I found your blog through the wiegands and am so glad that I did! I love hearing stories like this. God is so powerful and experiencing his hand at work is amazing. So glad that everything has fallen into place for your family!!!


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