Thursday, June 28, 2012

{happy, happy, happy}

Photo: She is fascinated by the fact that you put things in the trunk

see the huge smile on this sweet girl's face?
she is happy, happy, happy!

of all the things she loves to do, talking seems to be her favorite.

she wakes up babbling and goes to bed babbling. she mostly babbles, but she can say 3 words: hi, baby, and happy. i know they are the most random words for a baby's first words, but she's no normal baby--she does things her own things on her own time.

all day long, i hear a sweet little voice saying "happy, happy, happy!"

whether she's stuffing her board books into the trunk of her little pink car, or carrying her picnic basket around, i hear her sweet little voice saying, "happy, happy, happy!"

Photo: Modeling the dress grandma bought her

whether she truly understands what "happy" means it doesn't matter, all she knows it that she's happy!

she's happy when she's walking down the hall; she's happy when she's playing outside; she's happy when i'm chasing her around the house because she stole my cell phone--the point is, that no matter she's doing, she's happy.

all her happiness got me thinking.

when was the last time i walked around saying "happy, happy, happy" ?

it wasn't when i was tired from staying up all night doing homework; it wasn't when i busy cleaning the house; and it definately wasn't when i was folding laundry (I hate folding laundry). but the whole time, i was doing all these meanial tasks, i could hear a sweet little voice saying "happy, happy, happy."

instead of complaining how tired i was from doing homework, i should be "happy, happy, happy" that i have the flexibility to go back to school.

instead of complaining about cleaning the house, i should be "happy, happy, happy" i have a house to clean.

instead of complaining about all the laundry i have to fold, i should be "happy, happy, happy" that i have laundry to fold.

kids have a great way of teaching you to be thankful for the little things...they're funny like that. 

so, what are you "happy, happy, happy" about?


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