Friday, June 15, 2012

{thankful thursday: what my aunt taught me about the little things}

Photo: Sick with a fever, but she's still smiling and singing

It's been awhile since I wrote one of these {Thankful Thursday}...I have been spending a lot time pondering as of late...pondering about the little's the little things that make everyday life special.
The recent loss of my aunt has affected me in more ways than I could ever imagine. It has also taught me many things too.
 At her memorial service many went up to share about how she had touched them in one way or another. The thing I found so unique and special was the fact that they were able to see past her personal demons and see who she truly was. They didn’t judge her by her imperfections, instead, they judged her by who she truly was on the inside and praised her for it. They looked beyond her imperfections and saw her heart and loved her for it. They didn’t give up on her because of her struggles, instead, they came alongside her and tried to help her. And like many of us she stumbled and fell, but they were right there to help her get up again, with a helping hand and no judgment upon their lips. This got me thinking…how many times have I judged others because of their struggles or imperfections? I walked on by with eyes of judgment instead of stopping and offering a helping hand. I thought myself better them; but in reality we are all equal in God’s eyes. We all have our faults and imperfections, some visible and some invisible.  And it is because of these faults and imperfections that we need Jesus to come in and make us whole again—because apart from Him we are nothing.
My aunt loved and she had a lot of love to give. My aunt gave, even when she did not have much to give. She always knew what you needed—I swear she had this weird, keen sense about things—sometimes before you even realized it yourself.  
{Side note: This last Christmas, as I was in the midst of applying my makeup for our big family dinner, I realized I had run out of blush. I made a mental note to buy some more after the holidays. That night, as I was opening up my Christmas presents, I came across a little box, it was from my aunt. I opened it up and low and behold it was blush. I laughed to myself. Only she would have given me something so random, yet something I so desperately needed}  
 My aunt never failed to see the beauty and simplicity in the little things. She embraced everything in full force.
Life gets crazy. Life gets chaotic. Life can just be so overwhelming sometimes. Life seems to just fly by so fast that I forget to stop and smell the roses.
 Ever since my little Princess was born the days seem to fly by at twice the speed. It seems like I'm always behind in something--whether it be the cleaning the house or homework or unpacking--there is always something. There is always something or someone begging for my attention and left undone. And sometimes, maybe more times than I would like to admit, I fret about all the little things.

 But lately I have come to realize that that's life and some things are never going to change. And instead of focusing on everything that needs to be done I need to focus on the little things that can be done and the little things that make life just a wee bit easier.

and so here is a little of list of all the little things that I'm thankful for...

*a thermometer that is simple to use and that works.
*baby Motrin that helps keep the fevers down.
*overnight diapers that ensure my baby girl wakes up dry every morning
*gilmore girls dvd's that i can watch while doing homework so that I get in the zone.
*the end of the school year...Einstein last day of school was yesterday.
*friends who I have known less than a year, but have become friends for a lifetime.
*refrigerators that work and keep food cold.
*rosebud salve that keeps my lips moist during these warm spring days.
*my community, they are a wealth of information.
*summertime fruits such as watermelon and apricots.
*the long days filled with daylight.
*frozen strawberry lemonade on a warm day.
*a front yard with grass so my little girl can sit and play with her ball.
*the ability to be to attend college, late at night, from the comforts of my own home.
*a spunky nine-year old son who makes me laughs.
*a screen door which allows the breeze to flow through my entire home.
*black-out curtains that block the sun so that allow my kids sleep in later.

What about you? What little things are you thankful for?


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  1. lovely photos, monique! i LOVE your blog and am honored to be your 100th follower! woohoooo congrats to you!! xo


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