Tuesday, June 19, 2012

those carefree days

Photo: Sprinkler time http://instagr.am/p/MCRMH3xMP9/

when i was little, about eight or nine years old, i couldn't wait to grow up. I would dream about the day when i would be all grown up with a family and home of my own. and now that it's here, sometimes i wish for those carefree days when i was a kid and i didn't have a care in world.

i was free.

care free.

i miss those days.

sometimes i wish i could  go back to those carefree days when my only worry was if could run through the sprinkler the fastest.

it's funny when you think of the things that worried you as child and what perplexed you to no end. and now as an adult, those things that seemed so big as a child are now so minuscule.

and so when i am having a rough day or bad case of the mondays i like to sit back and watch my little boy enjoy his carefree days...it always brings a smile to my face and  helps make those rough days melt away. 


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  1. This is such a well-put-together Blog!
    Oh my, I'm jealous, it is sooooo good!

    You are totally gonna keep this Blog alive and going, right?
    Seriously, this is the start of something really great, something that just opened you up and gave you a whole other dimension of expression.

    Wonderful work!

    Mr. M.


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