Tuesday, July 31, 2012

{a mother's heart}

a few weeks ago my little princess was sick...she had a stomach a virus. my happy-go-lucky girl turned into a very miserable-not-so-fun girl. she cried and cried. she would not move, not even an inch. all she wanted was for me to hold her and hold her i did, but sometimes even that was not enough to console. the virus was causing her to become dehydrated. by the end of the day she refused to eat or drink and when she cried a tearless cry. by evening time i knew she was not getting better only worse. so at 9:30pm the husband i packer her up and headed off to urgent care (einstein was spending the night with my mom).

the doctor at urgent care decided that my little princess was in need of i.v. fluids due to her dehydration. i knew my little princess needed an i.v.--that was the reason we took her in first place--but to actually here the doctor say it, well it hit me in a way i cannot really explain.

as a mother, there is something in you--like a extra heart--that grows when you become a mother. and this "mother's heart" is a heart not like an any other. it "hurts" when your child gets hurt. it aches when your child is suffering. but when your child is suffering or in pain and there is nothing you can do about it, your mother's heart go is to overload and feel like it is going burst. it is a helpless sort of feeling--not being able to help your child. it is almost a bit eery in a way. your first role as mother is protect your child from harm and when that cannot be done it is gut wrenching.

 at that moment, as the nurses were sliding the needle into her little hand i realized that this little girl of mine is not actually mine. she belongs to God. i only have her on loan. all this frettin' and worring, it's not going to make her better--no, only God is.

i am reminded of abraham and isaac. abraham realized that isaac was not his to "own", but rather, he belonged to God. and so when God asked abraham to "sacrifice" isaac, abraham complied because he knew isaac was not his to keep, he was God's.

children are God's gift to us, on loan from Him. and when you stop and think about it is quite wonderful to know that there is this big, awesome, wonderful God who has our little one's in His hand. who better to protect and watch over them than Him?

a little while after the i.v. was started, my little princess began to perk up.

and by the time the i.v. was almost done, she back to her normal self, tears and all.


Monday, July 30, 2012

{mani monday::nail caviar}

nail caviar

a weeks ago my sister told me about this nail accessory--nail caviar by Ciate. I was intrigued immediately, so later that week I went out and bought my own nail caviar.

What is nail caviar? You might not be able to see in the picture above, but they are little beads that are applied to wet nailpolish to give your nailpolish a 3-d effect.

While it was very easy to apply, sadly my little manicure did not long...I don't think nail caviar was made in mommies' in mind. Although, my little princess enjoyed rubbing my nails--she liked the texture. I have decided that for me, nail caviar will work best on nights out or as an accent nail.

What do you think, would you try nail caviar?

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

{guest posting over at Mama Marchand's Nest}

Today I am guest posting at

I am sharing a few tips on how to {make your home your own}.
Tricia is a sweet gal and bloggy friend of mine, make sure to hop on over there and check her out.


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

{girl next door:: audrey hepburn}

i adore audrey hepburn!

she is the iconic fashionista.

she was classy, yet down to earth.

she was famous, yet humble.

she was beauitful, yet thought herself ordinary.

but above all she was a mother.

she adored children.

she may have been a famous movies star, but she considered her most important job motherhood.

she was very wise.

she never took anything for granted.

lived each day as if it was a gift.

amoung all the wise and noteable things she has said, the following is one of my favorites.

"I believe in pink.
I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner.
I believe in kissing, kissing a lot.
I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong.
I believe that happiest girls are the prettiest girls.
I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles."
~ Audrey Hepburn


Thursday, July 19, 2012

{my 5 favorite things::spoiling myself}

my birthday was about 2 weeks ago and i am a big believer in celebrating your birthday all month long. and so here a few of the my favorite ways to spoil myself.

I absolutely love my new planner by erin condren! It's got everything this busy momma needs to stay organized and to get things done through  the day. when i saw this quote, i had to have this planner...you know how i'm a sucker for quotes.

if you haven't heard about the love club you must check it out. i just got my first box today and I am in love! i love getting things in the mail and this couldn't be any better--a monthly box full of handmade goodness--i'm in love. for more info and to sign up go here.
Marble White 16GB Samsung Galaxy S 3 16GB
via t-mobile.com

something you may not know about me is that i love cell phones. i cannot exactly tell you why, but it's probably because i depend on it for so much. i normally get a new phone every year...*gasp* i know...except this last phone i had i have actually had it for a year an half...that's a record for me. i probably would have kept the phone longer if it worked, but it got to the point where i could not make calls or receive text messages. and when i spied this little beauty, i knew this had to be my replacement phone. all i can say is that the samsung galaxy sIII is awesome!

via sephora.com

my sister just told me about this and immediately i was intrigued. I told you on monday, my love for nail polish and i think this takes nail polish to a whole new level. i am going to sephora this weekend to snatch a few bottles of my own...i will let you know on Monday how it goes.

via sees.com
no spoiling could be complete without some chocolate. the bordeaux is my most favorite chocolate ever. i mean, is there anything better than brown sugar and sprinkles???

how do you spoil yourself?


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

{wordless wednesday::the impromptu park day}

yesterday afternoon the weather was just right and the day was absolutely perfect...the perfect time to go to the park.

so, i gathered up the kiddos and we headed off to our favorite city park.

as you can see, my little princess loves the swings...a just a teensy bit {wink}!

this was the first time she actually "played" in the park. for the first 15 minutes she just walked around the entire playground over and over again, it was almost as if she couldn't believe all the fun that was before her.

in end, both kids were tired and went to bed on time...impromptu park days are the best!


Monday, July 16, 2012

{i heart nail polish}

color: casade cool by essie

i heart nail polish.

i love to pain my nails.

i always have my nails painted.

one way i relax is by painting my nails...strange i know, but that's me.

and if you know anything about me, you know that words are my life. i can fall in love with almost anything based off of what it is called and nail polish is no exception. I would even buy, orange poish, yes, orange, if it had that perfect, really cool name. sometimes, i pick my polish based off the mood. for instance, when i'm "blue" i will paint my nails with "moody blue", or when I am feeling really confident i will paint my nails with "go-get 'em". the point is i love nail polish and i love painting my nails.

i love it so much that i have even found a non-toxic, organic nail polish for my little princess when she gets older, like maybe when she's two!

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Monday, July 9, 2012

{plans, plans, plans}

Photo: Pretending to be sad http://instagr.am/p/MkFlykRMKm/

this is the way i feel right now. i had so many plans...plans to get back on track...plans to do fun things with my kids...plans to get things done in the house...plans to workout and eat right...plans, plans, plans.

you know what happened to my plans? they all melted away on saturday when my little princess began throwing up in the car, while i was driving. yes, you read it right. without getting in to too much gross detail let's just say, i spent yesterday changing lots of stinky diapers and cuddling a feverish little girl. yes, my little princess is sick again, this time with the stomach flu. and so instead of painting, reading and working on my desk, i cuddled, soothed and babied my little girl.

as i sat and cuddled my precious baby i realized something...who cares about plans...sure, there are things i want/ need to get done, but right now there is nothing i would rather do than cuddle my sick little girl. tomorrow i can get back on track, get things done in the house, and workout, but for now I am just going to sit here and cuddle.


Saturday, July 7, 2012

{coffee date::checking in}

Photo: Pewter  http://instagr.am/p/MpPUCQxMPe/

can you guess what i've been up too these last few days?

well, if you guessed paninting, you are right and it is because of the painting i would have to meet you at the local coffee house for our coffee date this week.

I must say it is nice to sit and take a break for a bit. the last few days have been busy, busy, busy--and i only have a minute for a quick cup of coffee--i will make it up to you next week. the husband had some time off this week and so we decided to take advantage of this time and work on the house.  and so we started painting. so far we have finished the living room and dining room and have now started on our bedroom...pictures to come soon.

I have also been sewing once again. oh, how i missed my sewing machine! so far, i've made new bistro curtains for the dining room to match the new walls. i also made myself a new skirt for my birthday...did i mention my birthday was this week? yes, i turned 31 on monday...the big 3-1...i thought i would be a little depressed about it but i wasn't...more about my birthday next week.

i have some new things planned for the blog...so tuned. 

i hate to run, but i've got to get back to painting...see ya next week!  


Wednesday, July 4, 2012


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