Saturday, July 7, 2012

{coffee date::checking in}

Photo: Pewter

can you guess what i've been up too these last few days?

well, if you guessed paninting, you are right and it is because of the painting i would have to meet you at the local coffee house for our coffee date this week.

I must say it is nice to sit and take a break for a bit. the last few days have been busy, busy, busy--and i only have a minute for a quick cup of coffee--i will make it up to you next week. the husband had some time off this week and so we decided to take advantage of this time and work on the house.  and so we started painting. so far we have finished the living room and dining room and have now started on our to come soon.

I have also been sewing once again. oh, how i missed my sewing machine! so far, i've made new bistro curtains for the dining room to match the new walls. i also made myself a new skirt for my birthday...did i mention my birthday was this week? yes, i turned 31 on monday...the big 3-1...i thought i would be a little depressed about it but i wasn't...more about my birthday next week.

i have some new things planned for the tuned. 

i hate to run, but i've got to get back to painting...see ya next week!  


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