Monday, July 16, 2012

{i heart nail polish}

color: casade cool by essie

i heart nail polish.

i love to pain my nails.

i always have my nails painted.

one way i relax is by painting my nails...strange i know, but that's me.

and if you know anything about me, you know that words are my life. i can fall in love with almost anything based off of what it is called and nail polish is no exception. I would even buy, orange poish, yes, orange, if it had that perfect, really cool name. sometimes, i pick my polish based off the mood. for instance, when i'm "blue" i will paint my nails with "moody blue", or when I am feeling really confident i will paint my nails with "go-get 'em". the point is i love nail polish and i love painting my nails.

i love it so much that i have even found a non-toxic, organic nail polish for my little princess when she gets older, like maybe when she's two!

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