Monday, July 9, 2012

{plans, plans, plans}

Photo: Pretending to be sad

this is the way i feel right now. i had so many plans...plans to get back on track...plans to do fun things with my kids...plans to get things done in the house...plans to workout and eat right...plans, plans, plans.

you know what happened to my plans? they all melted away on saturday when my little princess began throwing up in the car, while i was driving. yes, you read it right. without getting in to too much gross detail let's just say, i spent yesterday changing lots of stinky diapers and cuddling a feverish little girl. yes, my little princess is sick again, this time with the stomach flu. and so instead of painting, reading and working on my desk, i cuddled, soothed and babied my little girl.

as i sat and cuddled my precious baby i realized something...who cares about plans...sure, there are things i want/ need to get done, but right now there is nothing i would rather do than cuddle my sick little girl. tomorrow i can get back on track, get things done in the house, and workout, but for now I am just going to sit here and cuddle.


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