Wednesday, July 18, 2012

{wordless wednesday::the impromptu park day}

yesterday afternoon the weather was just right and the day was absolutely perfect...the perfect time to go to the park.

so, i gathered up the kiddos and we headed off to our favorite city park.

as you can see, my little princess loves the swings...a just a teensy bit {wink}!

this was the first time she actually "played" in the park. for the first 15 minutes she just walked around the entire playground over and over again, it was almost as if she couldn't believe all the fun that was before her.

in end, both kids were tired and went to bed on time...impromptu park days are the best!



  1. You have such cute kids, mama! :)

  2. what a cutie! i can't wait to take my little one to the park!

  3. thanks :) park days are so much fun...watching the little ones walk around and explore.


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