Monday, August 6, 2012

{a bit about me:: i heart decor}

i was inspired by Alissa's coffee date vlog to tell you a little bit more about myself. now, while i am not brave enough to do a vlog, just yet, i thought i would at least share a photo.

anyways, one thing about me, if you didn't know it already is that i love decor...maybe love is not the right, i would say that i am obsessed about decor! it could be decor relating the home, office, or even a party...i don't care, i'm not picky...i love it all!

i love it so much so that a about five years i ago i went back to school just to learn more about it. and thus i am now a certified residential planner--basically jut a fancy way to say i can equipped to plan and decorate a home.

design is such a big part of my life. it always has been. even as a little girl i was obsessed with it. before i could start playing with barbies i had make sure that everything was designed just right. in fact, i remember one time i was so impressed with how i designed my barbie's bedroom that i took pictures of it so as to not forget it. a little strange i know, but my point is that decor is in my blood.

my picture of a fun friday night: reading my decor magazines. i know, i know i'm a nerd. but what can i say other than that i love decor.

yesterday, when my husband was going through the mail, i let out a big "WOOT"--scared the poor man--when i saw the new ikea catelog had come. i must say this catelog is one of my favorite things of summer. so, can you guess what i did tonight after the kids were in bed and i finished my homework? i sat down with an iced coffee and looked through the new ikea catelog=fun times!

this week i will be posting my first post, in the new series {making your home your own}--a series to dedicated to just that--making your home your own. it doesn't matter whether you rent or own, if you have lots of space or none at all, what matters is that it's yours.

so, that's a litte bit about me. till next time. 


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