Thursday, August 30, 2012

{being the new kid}

yesterday my "little" einstein started 4th grade *gasp*.
yesterday was not only his first day of 4th grade, but it was also his first day at his new school.
third grade was a very tough year for my "little" einstein. he was stuck in a school that played favorites, with a teacher who cared more about what you thought about her than actually teaching and caring for the students. and so, towards the end of the school i was searching for a new school for my dear einstein. after a rather disappointing search, i was about ready to give up when i was told about a private christian school not too far from my house. after meeting the princple and touring the school, einstein and i were sold. we applied that same week and two weeks later we found out he was accepted. 

all the things i had wished his old school had, his new school did. his new school offered so much more i was blown away. I was so excited for my "little" einstein to start school...i couldn't wait to see how happy he would be. unfortunately, einstein did not feel teh same way. 

the anxiety of being the new kid at school weighed heavily on my einstein. and the anxiety of being the parent of the new kid weighed heavily on me. his last school was very clickish...amoung the parents and children alike. his kindergarten year, many parents would not talk to my husband and i because they thought we were too young. the other parents would make negative comments about our age. the only thing I felt i could do, was just to give it God. He was the only one would could take away our anxiety and give us peace.

 the fear that would happen again almost made me back out of family picinic, but i'm so glad i didn't. within minutes of arriving a  nice woman adopted einstein and i and it made her mission to find 4th grade boys to introduce to einstein. by the end of the picnic, shane was not only playing, but i had to drag him away so we could go home. the next day was the first day of school and most of einstein's anxiety had melted away and so had mine.  when i picked him up from school, einstein was full of smiles. he couldn't stop telling me how great everything was--the kids were nice, the teachers cared--he loved his new school and couldn't wait to go back the next day.

being the new kid can be overwheliming sometimes, but when you give those feelings of anxiety to the Lord, He gives peace and blessings. being the new kid is hard, but sometimes it turns out to be the best thing. 


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