Monday, August 27, 2012

{pops of yellow}

pops of yellow

Color can make or break your space.
Pops of color act like frosting to your space--they make your room just a bit sweeter. When adding pops of color to your room, it is important to remember that they are just that--pops of color--and should not take over your space, instead they should appear in little "pops" here and there. They are there to add that finished look. You do not want them to take over the story of your space.
When designing your space pick your primary color palette. For instance, my room living is made up of greys, blues, and browns. My pops of color are yellows and golds--colors that compliment, yet contrast with my primary color palette.  

My mood board above shows some examples of how I plan on incorporating my pops of color into my living room. Pillows are great way to add a pop of color, especially when the sofa is dark like mine, they are versatile and can be used throughout your sapce. Art work is another great to add that "pop" its adds a sense of sofistication. Accessories such as vases and clocks are another fun way to add that special "pop", especially when accessorizing a bookshelf or curio cabinet.

Pops of color are fun and add to the story of your space. Make sure to keep them as little pops here and there--don't let them take over and steal the show.



  1. So pretty! Found you over at Ragstostitches. Love these yellows!

  2. Loving your mood board!!!!! I see 5 things I want!! Lol


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