Thursday, September 27, 2012

{why I blog}

why do i blog?
I get this question more often than not. Mostly from people who are not familiar with blogging and the blogging world...*gasp* i know!
so why do i blog?
well, if you would have asked me that question back when i first started, i would have told you that I began blogging because i like to write...makes sense, right, afterall i am finishing my creative writing degree. but more than that, i felt i had a story to tell and that there were others out there that could relate...i guess in way i thought i could help people by just letting them know they were not alone in their everyday struggles.
but you know what? this blog of mine grew to more than least for me it did and i hope for you too. this blog became a way for me to meet and make new friends. it became a way for me to reach out and help others. but most importantly i've been able to share my faith with others and in doing so, i have found a whole new community of believers and friends.
i love writing about my not-so-good days, because by the time i finish writing the post, God has revealed to me the lesson behind the struggle.  and i love writing about my good days, because by the time i finish writing God has reminded me how awesome He is and how blessed I am...don't you just love the way God works?!?!
and so i started blogging to share my story--my life as a wife, momma, and friend. i like to share the good days and the not-so-good days, because life is not always cupcakes and lollypops. life can be hard, being a momma is hard, but in the end it is all worth it--every single minute of it. and in the end i hope that you find my stories and my life as an encouragement and a reminder that we are not all "perfect", we all have flaws. and sometimes we have to have some bads before we can have some good ones. in the end, as long as we have our eyes focused on Him, everything will workout for the good.

why do you blog?


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

{daydreaming::the french countryside}

ever since i was little, i have always been a bit of a day dreamer. even now, often times you find me lost in thought.
and so I thought I why not share my daydreams with you!
today I am dreaiming of the french countryside. if you anything about me, you know i'm obsessed about anything french. it has always been my dream to move my family to the french countryside. i dream of owing a grove of fruit trees and living off the land...a girl can dream right.
Pinned Image

Pinned Image
Pinned Image

Oh,i just want to pack my bags and hop on a plane! i mean look at the dirt road...isn't it inviting??? i can imagine walking arm and arm with husband and kids running ahead...swoon... a girl can dream.
what have you been daydreaming about?


Thursday, September 20, 2012

{20 stitches later}


this is my boy.
he is crazy, silly, all-around funny loving boy.
{he is also affectionately knows as "einstein" here on the blog}
tuesday afternoon, after a day spent in downtown LA at the garment district with my little princess and our gal pals. I got call from einstein's school informing me that he and another boy had thrown toys at each other which resulted in einstein getting cut on his head. the cut had been bleeding, but they had stopped the bleeding. einstein was fine and would be waiting for me in the office.
when i got there an half hour later, einstein came out of the office happy as can be with a bandaid over his right eyebrow. I asked him how he was feeling. he said he felt fine, just had a little headache, so i thought nothing of his cut. one the way home he started complaining that his headache was getting worse, but being that einstein tends to be a bit of drama king, and he had, just minutes before, been complaining about the fact that he would have to wear his old uniform to cubscouts made think that perhaps he was just trying to get out of going to cub scouts because of the whole uniform debacle. when we finally got home, i told him if he still had headache then he needed to lie down and rest. now, i know one way to call einstein's bluff is tell him that he has to lie down and rest. this kid would rather do chores than lie down and rest. so, when he readily agreed to lie down and rest i knew that his headache was serious.
as i was preparing his snack something in my momma's gut told me to check out his cut. so, before i handed him the snack i asked him to take the bandaid off his head....and this is what i saw...
a little gross, i know. {sorry to those who are not in favor of icky, gross stuff}. i knew immediately that he would probably need stitches, but just to make sure that momma's heart wasn't overacting, i texted this picture to my aunt, who is a nurse, for her opinion. she called me, just seconds after i sent the picture, telling me i had to take him to the ER because he probably needed stitches. and so when the husband got home 5 minutes later, we said our quick hello-goodbyes, and einstein and i were off to urgent care.
before stitches
after an hour and half of waiting and a brief examination, the doctor decided that due to the locataion of the "laceration" and the handsomeness of einstein, it would be in einstein's best interest to have a plastic surgeon sew him up to lessen the chance of a scar. the said plastic surgeon just happened to be at the hospital down the street and agreed to stitch einstein up before he went into surgery. and so we made a mad dash to the hospital.
within minutes of checking-in, we were whisked into an examination room. the surgeon came in, introducted himself and explained the whole "stitching" process to einstein.
waiting for stitches
20 stitches later, yes, you read right, 20 stitches, we have a completely put together einstein once again. who knew a little one inch "cut" would require so much.
after stitches
on our way home I informed einstein that this was it. you see we've been through a similiar situation before. at the ripe old age of 4, einstein had to get a staple in his head and now at 9 we've moved up to stitches. i told him the next thing better not be a cast because this momma's heart can't take it.


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

{coffee date::finding balance}

I'm a....
and that's just the short list.
i must admit i am struggling to life as a stay-at-home momma. it's been a little over year since i transitioned from working part-time to being a stay-at-home momma. i thought the transition would be easy...i mean how hard could it be??? harder than you think.
ever since i became a stay-at-home-momma, the minutes seem to fly by. i thought that being at home would mean that my house would always be clean, the clothes would always be washed, the dishes would be put away...etc, etc. boy was i wrong! instead, my house is more of a mess now then ever before. and the clothes, don't even get me started about the clothes. every day i wonder how the day gets away from me and every day i have no answer.
some days i feel like giving up before i even get started. and it's on those days that the Lord speaks to me and pierces my hear. Have I put Him first? Have i asked Him for His help to get through the day? if i answer honestly, then sometimes i would have to say "no".

last week I sharing my frustrations with the Lord...I was pouring my heart out to Him, sharing with my struggles of being a stay-at-home-momma...and just asking Him why things were working out, no matter how hard i tried, i was still stuck in the same rut. the next morning as I was reading my devotional, God just spoke to me--how am i going to find balance if i don't put Him into the equation? sure, i start off my day with prayer, and ask Him to guide me throughout hte day, but am I really asking Him for guidance, or has it just become a ritual? I need to seek Him with my whole heart everday. without Him, there is no balance, with Him there is balance, even during the crazy times.


Thursday, September 13, 2012

{books for babies}

I love books.
Books are my life.
 So, naturally, i introduced books to my kids at a young age. With Einstein, I began reading to him as a newborn, and i did the same with my little princess. but with my little princess i decided to take it step further. i noticed that she really enjoyed studying the pictures. and so i would sit her in her bumbo with book and she was a happy girl.
here are a few of my favorite books for babies::

Pat the Bunny Book & Plush (Touch-and-Feel)
via amazon
this book is by far one of my favorites. my little princess loves this book. this is a must read every day before naptime. one of the reasons i love this book is because it incorporates touch and smell. i love books that allow children to use their senses to learn and discover.
Black & White
via amazon

this is a great book for tummy time. it folds out and allows you set the book up on the floor to encourage baby to look up and look at the pictures. when baby gets tired of looking at one side, simply flip it over for a change of scenery.


Where Is Baby's Belly Button? A Lift-the-Flap Book

i enjoy this lift-the-flap book. lift-the-flap books are good for helping build hand-eye coordination and dexterity. my little princess loves lifting the flaps in this book and then pointing to her parts of the body along with it.
The Very Hungry Caterpillar
this is fun book to introduce when babies first start eating. especially as they get older, they can then name all the foods that the caterpillar eats.
Dear Zoo: A Lift-the-Flap Book
this is another fun little lift-the-flap book and my little princess' faves.
The Runaway Bunny
this is one of my all time favorite books. if you haven't read it, you must go out and buy it. while my little princess is still too young understand, i still read it to her for as long as she will listen. this was one of einstein's favorite books. we used to read this book every night before he went to bed.

what are some of your favorite books for babies?


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

{giveaway winner}

The Zelda

And the winner is....
Chelsea Thom!


Monday, September 10, 2012

{coffee date::things on my mind}

if we were having coffee today i would probably meet you at starbucks because my house is a wreck. i would have salted carmel mocha frap--my new obsession. and excuse me if i ramble, but i've got a lot on my mind.
if we were having coffee today i would tell you....
...i had so much planned for this week and everything was derailed on wednesday as i sat in the dentist chair and looked at tray above. I have a very traumatic history with dentists and dental work. i will spare the gruesome details, all you really need to know is that i am now terrified of dentists. a couple years ago when my dental nightmare was at it's peak i found the perfect dentist--yes, the perfect dentist. and believe me was perfect. of all the numerous, and yes, i mean numerous dentists i've seen, he is the only one who has been able to successfully numb me with no problems. he gets in there and gets the job done, pain-free. i love him; however he does not take my insurance and unfortunately i do not have limit funds and so this time around i was forced to try a new dentist. because of my history, the minute i feel a little discomfort i can the dentist. and so i went into this appointment thinking it wasn't going to be a big deal--i should be in and out in about an hour--however that was the not the case. instead my one hour  appointment ended up lasting three. and what i thought would be a simple cavity turned out to be a root canal. and everything that could go wrong did. the doctor had great difficulty numbing me. the minute she would start working on my tooth, i would start to feel the drilling. i don't know if you've ever felt a dentist drill into your tooth, but it is excruciating. every time i would lift my hand to let the dentist know i was in pain, she would get upset. by the end of the appointment i wanted nothing more than to be with kids and the dentist wanted nothing more than to get out of there. suffice it to say, it was not a very good experience.
...i would like say that week turned around after that, but that was not the case. the next morning, as i was driving einstein to school, someone purposely hit my car and drove off. it was nothing too serious, just a huge scratch on the front my car, but the fact taht  my kids were in the car made me upset. thankfully we were all fine. little princess has been teething all week. these molars of hers are making us both miserable. friday, as i was about to get ready for work, she decided she wanted to cuddle. so cuddle we did.
...i started school last week and thankfully, it was a pretty easy week for being the first week. i wish i could say the same for this week. to be honest, i'm a little scared about school. i'm so close to graduating and thought that i might not is just scary.
...God has been speaking to me alot lately and i mean alot! everyday He reveals something new to me and I have to admit it has been a little bit overwhelming. there is so much i want to do, so much i want to accomplish every week, but something comes and just messes it all up. one thing in particular, that God has been working on me is discipline. discipline in my everyday life, as well as with my kids. I was reading my devotional the other day when this verse just popped out at me:
"whoever has no rule over his own spirit is like a city broken down, without walls." ~proverbs 25:28
when i read that all i could say is "WOW". it convicted me to the core. life is crazy. life is chaotic. but that is no reason not to be constantly focused on Him. I *think* i've mentioned before that i can sometimes be a bit of a control freak and instead of giving it all over to God. I try to find ways to fix things my way, just in case God doesn't get it right. i know that sounds funny, but it's true. but until i wrote that down i didn't realize how foolish i truly was. sure when things are going good it is easy to trust, but what about those hard times when everything seems to be going wrong and you feel if just one more thing going wrong you're really gonna lose it? what about those times. when life is going "smoothly" it is easy to spend that quality time with God, but what about those hard times? those times when you want to cry, do you cry out to God first or do you just cry and feel sorry for yourself. as much as I hate to admit it, most times i just cry. and when I'm wallowing in my self pity it is easy to see how everything else starts to fall apart. when you cry out to God first, and your focus is on Him, He is all you can see. you may see the other things falling apart around you, but they just don't seem so horrible because you're in His arms.  crazy how a little perspective change things.
how was your week?
I have a little request this week, if you think about it, can you preay for my little princess and me and our teeth situations? thanks, dear friends. how can i pray for you this week?


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

{my 200th post and a little giveaway}


when i first started blogging i would have never guessed that i would be sitting here writing my 200th post. i know i have mentioned, a few times before, that i'm great at starting things, just not so great at finishing them. but i've got to say that the fact that i am still blogging, 199 posts after this very first post, i'm very pround of myself.
it's funny to go back and read my very first post and to see how far i've come since then. i started this blog thinking no one would ever read it, except for maybe a few friends. and now i have you, dear friends. it's funny to think of all the things that have happened since i first started's a quick recap:
*i went back to school
*i turned 30
*i got pregnant
*i got a new car
*i had a beautiful baby girl
*i became a stay-at-home mommy
*i opened up my etsy shop
*i had changed my blog name
*i had 2 blog makeovers and am currently working on a 3rd and final one
*my little einstein started playing sports
*i taught myself how to sew
*i've made bloggy friends
*i've grown up more
*i've learned alot about myself
*but most importantly i've grown as a daughter of the King 
it's so wierd to think that all that happened in the span of 2 years and that's just a recap, there is so much more! my point is it's never too late to start something new. of my favorite quotes is by george eliot,
"it's never too late to be what you could have been."
i don't think i've ever told you what inspired me to start this blog. it was julia child--yes, julia child. i had always wanted to blog, but i didn't really know what to write about how to go about it really. i felt like life was just passing me by and there was nothing i could do about it. and then i went saw the movie "julie and julia". that movie changed so much for me. i left that movie feeling inspired and hopeful--and not because of julie, but rather julia. julia child found herself in a beautiful country surround by scrumptous food. she had the desire to learn to cook and she wasn't going to let anyone get in her way. do you know she didn't learn to cook till she was 40. and all her success began after that! can you believe it. what began as a simple desire to cook, grew into a life long career. so inspiring. and when i think what i could do with the Lord's help--the sky's the limit!
i don't know what the future holds, but i do know this "He that created a good work in you is faithful to complete it." and even though the future may look bleak and scary at times, at least i have God on my side.
and so in honor of julia and my 200th post i'm doing a little giveway... how does a movie and shop credit sound???
Julie & Julia [Blu-ray]

yes, that's right...i'm giving away a copy of Julie & Julia on blueray and $15 credit to my shop!
so enter away and don't forget to tell your friends!


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

{catching up and a little shop update}

The Zelda

what a week! i just wanted to check in to show you what i've been up to this last week. i have been busy, busy making new pieces for the shop. let me know what you think.
The Sassy

The Penny in Gray

The Penny

this weekend just flew by. i had a long list of things to do, but my dear little princess had other plans...she planned on teething all weekend long. which meant lots of cuddling, holding and complaining. she couldn't decided who she wanted, me or her daddy--she just knew she wanted to be held. so the husband and did the best we could, passing her back and forth all the while trying to the work on the house. we hung up some pictures, i reorganized the bookshelves, i redid the mantle, and worked on the garage a bit. i am hoping *fingers crossed* to be able to give a home tour by October...we will see. 

Today I start school once again. i am super excited and super nervous all at the same time. i am taking Shakespeare--a class i have been dying to take my entire college career--and writing workshop class. my professors' already sound so awesome, which makes me so super excited to learn. but like i said before, i am super nervous. both of this class are "heavy" classes--this is my first time taking "heavy" classes like this. Please pray for balance and dilgence to not only get my work done, but to do it well too. thanks friends. 

how was your labor day weekend? any big plans this week?  



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