Thursday, September 20, 2012

{20 stitches later}


this is my boy.
he is crazy, silly, all-around funny loving boy.
{he is also affectionately knows as "einstein" here on the blog}
tuesday afternoon, after a day spent in downtown LA at the garment district with my little princess and our gal pals. I got call from einstein's school informing me that he and another boy had thrown toys at each other which resulted in einstein getting cut on his head. the cut had been bleeding, but they had stopped the bleeding. einstein was fine and would be waiting for me in the office.
when i got there an half hour later, einstein came out of the office happy as can be with a bandaid over his right eyebrow. I asked him how he was feeling. he said he felt fine, just had a little headache, so i thought nothing of his cut. one the way home he started complaining that his headache was getting worse, but being that einstein tends to be a bit of drama king, and he had, just minutes before, been complaining about the fact that he would have to wear his old uniform to cubscouts made think that perhaps he was just trying to get out of going to cub scouts because of the whole uniform debacle. when we finally got home, i told him if he still had headache then he needed to lie down and rest. now, i know one way to call einstein's bluff is tell him that he has to lie down and rest. this kid would rather do chores than lie down and rest. so, when he readily agreed to lie down and rest i knew that his headache was serious.
as i was preparing his snack something in my momma's gut told me to check out his cut. so, before i handed him the snack i asked him to take the bandaid off his head....and this is what i saw...
a little gross, i know. {sorry to those who are not in favor of icky, gross stuff}. i knew immediately that he would probably need stitches, but just to make sure that momma's heart wasn't overacting, i texted this picture to my aunt, who is a nurse, for her opinion. she called me, just seconds after i sent the picture, telling me i had to take him to the ER because he probably needed stitches. and so when the husband got home 5 minutes later, we said our quick hello-goodbyes, and einstein and i were off to urgent care.
before stitches
after an hour and half of waiting and a brief examination, the doctor decided that due to the locataion of the "laceration" and the handsomeness of einstein, it would be in einstein's best interest to have a plastic surgeon sew him up to lessen the chance of a scar. the said plastic surgeon just happened to be at the hospital down the street and agreed to stitch einstein up before he went into surgery. and so we made a mad dash to the hospital.
within minutes of checking-in, we were whisked into an examination room. the surgeon came in, introducted himself and explained the whole "stitching" process to einstein.
waiting for stitches
20 stitches later, yes, you read right, 20 stitches, we have a completely put together einstein once again. who knew a little one inch "cut" would require so much.
after stitches
on our way home I informed einstein that this was it. you see we've been through a similiar situation before. at the ripe old age of 4, einstein had to get a staple in his head and now at 9 we've moved up to stitches. i told him the next thing better not be a cast because this momma's heart can't take it.



  1. awww poor guy :( Glad he got all stitched up and hopefully will have a barely noticeable scar

  2. Oh poor little guy - glad he's ok!


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