Thursday, September 27, 2012

{why I blog}

why do i blog?
I get this question more often than not. Mostly from people who are not familiar with blogging and the blogging world...*gasp* i know!
so why do i blog?
well, if you would have asked me that question back when i first started, i would have told you that I began blogging because i like to write...makes sense, right, afterall i am finishing my creative writing degree. but more than that, i felt i had a story to tell and that there were others out there that could relate...i guess in way i thought i could help people by just letting them know they were not alone in their everyday struggles.
but you know what? this blog of mine grew to more than least for me it did and i hope for you too. this blog became a way for me to meet and make new friends. it became a way for me to reach out and help others. but most importantly i've been able to share my faith with others and in doing so, i have found a whole new community of believers and friends.
i love writing about my not-so-good days, because by the time i finish writing the post, God has revealed to me the lesson behind the struggle.  and i love writing about my good days, because by the time i finish writing God has reminded me how awesome He is and how blessed I am...don't you just love the way God works?!?!
and so i started blogging to share my story--my life as a wife, momma, and friend. i like to share the good days and the not-so-good days, because life is not always cupcakes and lollypops. life can be hard, being a momma is hard, but in the end it is all worth it--every single minute of it. and in the end i hope that you find my stories and my life as an encouragement and a reminder that we are not all "perfect", we all have flaws. and sometimes we have to have some bads before we can have some good ones. in the end, as long as we have our eyes focused on Him, everything will workout for the good.

why do you blog?



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