Wednesday, October 31, 2012

{new month = fun new things plus a treat}

onehalloween 2011::george washington and his piglet

this month i attempted a {31 days} series and I got close to completing it, but life happens and i'm ok with that...there is always next year. now on to november...i have so fun, exciting things planned for this month.
here are just a few things to look forward too in november:
*book reviews
* yummy fall recipes
*beauty on a budget
*gift guide for the budget conscience
those are just a few of things i've got planned for november so stay tuned! I'm really excited for november and all that it holds.
now for the treat I promised. how does a free photobook sound?!?!? well, my publisher is giving away free photobooks to new customers! personalized photobooks make great christmas gifts. so head on over there for your free book! don't you just LOVE free things!?!?!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

{it's ok to eat chocolate and cry}

last week was hard.
it started with monday and each day grew progressively worse until thursday...that' when i gave in...i ate chocolate and cried. i cried until i could not cry any more. i cried until my eyes could not produce any more tears. and in the midst of all the crying I prayed. prayed for comfort. i prayed for peace. and before i knew it, all was calm and all was right and i fell fast asleep. I woke up the next morning with this undescrible was was amazing. i had only a couple hours of sleep and yet i was able to function. i never cease to be amazed by God. I called to Him and He answered, even when i don't deserve it.
sometimes, we momma's feel like we have to be all and do all. we feel like we have to shoulder the burden for everything, but we don't. we are so privileged to have a Father who wants to shoulder the burden for us all we have to do is ask. but sometimes, it is very hard to formulate the words and ask Him. I know it sounds crazy, but it's true. and it's because of a little thing called pride. pride keeps us from asking for help when we need it the most. but as soon as we start chipping away at the wall of pride we built it starts crumbing down and then God can come in and fill us with the most amazing peace--no description can do it justice.
and so, i just wanna encourage you momma''s ok to not to be able to do it all. it's ok to take a break and decompress. it's ok to ask God for help.
and sometimes it's ok to eat chocolate and cry.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

{31 days:: and there will be hard days}

today was very felt like was getting slammed with more bad news and more horrible stuff by the minute. i went through a wave of emotions--sadness, anger, bitterness, more anger, disbelief, betrayal, more sadness and in the end comfort and joy.
joy came from this little face.

and comfort came from my Father above.

Friday, October 26, 2012

{31 days:: keeping a cold at bay one robeks at a time}

i only got an hour of sleep, probably because i went to bed at 430am, not by choice of course, but insomnia decided to visit me once again last night. and because of insomnia's little visit i woke with a sore throat and barely able to swallow. thankfully the husband was able to take the day off and help me, starting with one of these.
he also played with this sweet face so i could get some much needed sleep.

after some much needed rest, i spent the rest of the evening cuddle up with this...i have paper due on Sunday.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

{31 days:: oh, monday}

today I had to work, which meant i spent most of the day away from my dear little princess and the rest of day driving...ugh. and because of this, i was not able to take but one picture to document today...but let me tell you it is a doozy of a picture...see for yourself.
yes, those are microwave s'mores and yes, those were my dessert...don't judge, i worked today. ;)

{31 days:: lazy sunday through the eyes of a 16 month old}

so i just discovered that the camera app on my phone had all these really awesome features, one of which is making this pretty cool photostrip, which unfortunately does not show up here :(.
anywho, sunday was our lazy day, a much needed lazy day...a day made for catching up on sleep and other little things around the house. overall, it was a very relaxed day.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

{31 days:: off we go to abuelita's house}

after, einstein's football game, which they won by the way, we were off to abuelita's house. {side note for non-spanish speakers::abuelita means "grandma" and spanish. to keep the clarity between grandma and great grandma, our family rule is to call the great-grandma "abuelita". I did so and now my children do too.}
abuelita's {my grandma} house is a magical place. it is almost as if time stand still over there. even now, when I'm having a bad day, I will slip off to my grandma's house and she will make me something yummy to one makes food like my grandma. and just in case you were wondering, my grandma makes the best pancakes ever! anyways, the kids and i went to her house to her house to drop off einstein because he was spending the night.

the kids love playing in the backyard. einstein loves to pull the little princess in the wagon. they ended up playing outside together for an hour, while my grandma updated me on the latest family gossip.
before we left, the little princess got in some snuggle time with abuelita.

after a long day of shopping, playing and visiting with abuelita, my little princess fell asleep on the way home and so we got to snuggle a bit before she woke up.
it was a wonderful saturday full of fun, playing and catching up.

{31 days:: tgif}

after a long and difficult week, the husband thought we all needed a special treat, so he took us out to dinner.

as you can see, our little princess took her coloring very seriously.
oh and i have some wonderful news share...guess who is finally drinking milk??? well, chocolate milk, but atleast it's milk right??? yup, it's our girl and as you can see below, she is in love.

aparently the flash on my phone is soooo bright that this is the only way einstein will let me take a picture of him.
have i mentioned out little princess can be a bit of diva...and a bit demanding??? well, she decided that she was tired of sitting in the high chair and thought dad's lap would do as the perfect replacement.
we left the restaraunt with stomach's full, bellies sore from laughing and smiles on our faces...i love my little family!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

{31 days:: toast and impromptu dance parties}

once again, my little princess started off her day with toast...she is really loving the toast.

after breakfast my little princess decided to hold an impromptu dance party in the kitchen while i did the laundry. the girl loves and i mean loves to dance to the sound of the dishwasher.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

{31 days:: steak makes a bad day better}

today started out good...i had high hopes for today, besides my lack of sleep.

after she spied her brother's toast the day before, I decided to give it a try for breakfast...and success! she loved it. of course, she had to put her whole spin on how to eat toast--lick off the jelly first and then eat the bread.
hoping to entice colder weather with a massive amount of canning this weekend.
nothing makes a bad day better than steak topped with herb butter sauce...believe it or not, i made this and it was delish! all my obsessive cooking show watching is finally paying off.

{31 days:: twinsies}

so, someone did not want daddy to go to work, so she stole his bike vest and put it on.
today was a big day for einstein...he got a part in the christmas play! now, this is a very big deal, because this kid will not normally try out for anything. not only did he try out, but he got the part of the inn keeper and he is the understudy for joseph! he was a bit excited to say the least. and so to celebrate and to use my groupon, because it was expiring, i took the kids out for a little after school treat.

shameless mommy bragging alert::ok aren't these two just the cutest!!! you would think they planned this, but they didn't, they didn't even know i was taking the picture...can say "twinsies" adorable.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

{31 days:: insomnia day 2}

today started off day, or shall i say night 2 of insomnia. unfortunately, i did not have the husband to help because he had to work. the day did not start of too well, einstein woke up on the wrong side of the bed and so our drive to school was less than stellar. the little princess decided that she wasn't going to eat breakfast, so i had to eat her breakfast instead. thankfully my little princess took a 2 hour morning nap, so i was able to get a little shut eye, but then she woke up like this.

i decided the cure for a bad case of the mondays was a good dinner, or rather feast. and so feast we did...we had cauliflower lightly tossed in butter, pasta lightly tossed in olive oil with herbs, black olives and select italian cheeses; and finally pizza--homemade pizza. it doesn't get better than that.

{31 days::come back sleep}

i need sleep. i had a bout of insomnia last was horrible. too much on my mind. didn't end up falling asleep until the wee hours of the morning. and because of this, i ended up missing church and not getting up till 1pm and half my day was gone. i'm so thankful for a husband who takes care of the kids, so that i can get some sleep. our sunday plans were shot, but still had some time to do a little of this and a litte of that. the husband and i ended the day the one my of my famous coffee shakes.

{31 days::time for some fooootttbaalll!}

it's saturday and you know what that! today was einstein's first game back since his stitches. i was so excited...i love this games. he did pretty well. he played rather timidly at first, i think he's afraid of opening up this stitches. they ended up loosing the by 2 was a close game. and although they did not win, it was still fun. after all there is always next saturday.

{31 days::family weekend}

*note:: sorry this post is a few days late. I orginally scheduled it post Friday, but there was some sort of glich...sorry.
today we were busy...busy doing family things...having fun, laughing, joking around, just being our crazy selves. our theme for this week is family and so this weekend will not be as picture heavy, as we just focusing on being us. the picture heavy posts will begin again on monday.
what are your plans for this weekend?

Friday, October 12, 2012

{31 days:: getting back to normal}

today i woke up without any pain and i was a happy girl.
as of late, my little princess has been obsessed with dressing herself. yes, that is a bucket she is putting on head, for some reason she thinks it's a hat. and when i said she was dressing herself, she's not actually putting on the clothes correctly. as you can see in the picture below she has her dress on, but it's on around her neck and she likes it like that. if i try to fix it, she gets very upset. she is he own women, even at 16 months.
it's seems like every week she learns a new word. this week her new word is "elmo". she loves her elmo, she takes him with her all around the house. he sings, she dances. it's the perfect relationship.

today was our first rain in this house. and what a rain it was complete with lightening, thunder and even a little hail.
when it rains we like to cuddle, drink hot chocolate and watch movies. and so that's what we did. einstein, immediately changed into this pj's. and while i was making the hot chocolate, him and my little princess decided to have a little tickle war...have i mentioned what a good brother einstein is?!?!
after the war, it was time for hot chocolate *yum*.
rainy days call for something warm and yummy for dinner. and so i made a batch of yummy tortilla soup {recipe to come next week}.

and no rainy day is complete without a little midnight snack of chocolate chip cookies.


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