Friday, October 12, 2012

{31 days:: breakfast dates and root canals}

each and every day, as i drive einstein to and from school,  i pass by this cute little cafe and vintage shop. it's called Penny for Your Thoughts and you know how i'm a sucker for places with cool names. anyways, since i had some time and the little princess and i needed some breakfast i decided to check it out.
i fell in love instantly! this place has it all--coffee, yummy treats, and french antiques--that's right i said french antiques...and you know how i am when it comes to french things.  sure there were other antiques, vintage finds, and clothes too. but all my little eyes could focus on were the french things--i was in heaven. besides the plethora of french goodies, there are other treasures, such as beautiful furniture pieces, clothes, jewelery and so much more. besides all the treasures, one thing i really liked was the fact that there were toys for my little princess to play with.  the owner was as sweet as can be and she made us feel right at home. 

after our breakfast date, my little princess went to play with a friend while i headed off to the dentist to get my root canal done. now i have not had good luck with dentists in the past. and the fact that i had never met this one yet, scared me even more. in the end, i felt no pain and it was done in about an hour.
unfortunately my good fortune did not end the day i was in pain and the next day too.
*sorry i'm posting this late, but root canal had a mind of it's own and left me useless and defenseless.

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