Friday, October 5, 2012

{31 days:: bye bye fever}

i started my day off with a little of this to ward of a cold, due to lack of sleep.
thankfully, the husband was able to take the day off so i could finally get some rest. needless to say, i ended up sleeping 4 hours straight and would have slept longer if the husband hadn't woke up me to tell me it 2 in the afternoon.

my little princess started off the day with fever, but early afternoon we officially said "bye-bye, fever. hello, little princess".
lately, my little princess has been obsessed with dressing herself. she likes to grab her clothes, dresses in particular, and put them on. i need to make her some dress-up clothes asap.
subway, it's what was for dinner. who doesn't like to "eat fresh"?
a little pick me up to get me out of my sleepy haze.
i spy something new on the blog...stay tuned.
ended the evening catching up on my shakespeare homework...just me and willy.

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