Monday, October 8, 2012

{31 days:: celebrating columbus day}

einstein had the day off from school because it was columbus day so we decided to take it easy and have some fun.
we spent the morning working on stuff around the house and then einstein suggested we walk around the mall. we started with some frozen cherry lemonade, my absolute fave!
the kids got blue raspberry frozen lemonade.
after we windown shopped for a bit, we went on the huge, double decker carousel. my little princess liked it at first, but then got a little scared as it got faster.
after the carousel we decided to get a little snack. my little princess had her first ever cinnamon sugar pretzel.
finally, before we left einstein wanted to checkout the disney store. all the costumes were on sale so i looked around in search of ideas for my little princess' costume. what do you think? do you think she can pull it off?
later on in the evening, while the kids were playing, my little princess was introduced to the light saber.
no one had to tell her how to play with it. she immediately started swinging it around trying to knock things over. this is her fierce face.
somehow between dinner and the kids bedtime i was able to run to the fabric store to pick up supplies.
my goal this week is to better manage my time and thus be productive.
what is your goal for this week?

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