Thursday, October 4, 2012

{31 days:: fever, fever go away}

this morning we woke up to the wonderous smell of this...
today was round two of the princess and fever. my little princess was very miserable today. all she wanted was to be held and cuddled.
she has her lost appetite too. this is all she will eat.

and so when she's not in my arms, she's sitting here.

today was also einstein's first day back to football sans stitches...this is his fierce face...go kick some butt! just not too hard.
while einstein was at practice, the princess and i took a nap...we ended up sleeping 2 hours! we were tired! we would have slept longer, but the husband woke us up and good thing he did because it was 7:30pm! and so that meant mac & cheese for dinner. yum!

the nap did some good for our little princess...her went down and she started dancing again...when she starts dancing we know she's feeling better.


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