Friday, October 12, 2012

{31 days:: getting back to normal}

today i woke up without any pain and i was a happy girl.
as of late, my little princess has been obsessed with dressing herself. yes, that is a bucket she is putting on head, for some reason she thinks it's a hat. and when i said she was dressing herself, she's not actually putting on the clothes correctly. as you can see in the picture below she has her dress on, but it's on around her neck and she likes it like that. if i try to fix it, she gets very upset. she is he own women, even at 16 months.
it's seems like every week she learns a new word. this week her new word is "elmo". she loves her elmo, she takes him with her all around the house. he sings, she dances. it's the perfect relationship.

today was our first rain in this house. and what a rain it was complete with lightening, thunder and even a little hail.
when it rains we like to cuddle, drink hot chocolate and watch movies. and so that's what we did. einstein, immediately changed into this pj's. and while i was making the hot chocolate, him and my little princess decided to have a little tickle war...have i mentioned what a good brother einstein is?!?!
after the war, it was time for hot chocolate *yum*.
rainy days call for something warm and yummy for dinner. and so i made a batch of yummy tortilla soup {recipe to come next week}.

and no rainy day is complete without a little midnight snack of chocolate chip cookies.


  1. What a sweet rainy day :) Love it!

  2. Soup looks yummy! Can't wait for the recipe.

  3. Sound like a fun rainy day!



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