Tuesday, October 23, 2012

{31 days:: off we go to abuelita's house}

after, einstein's football game, which they won by the way, we were off to abuelita's house. {side note for non-spanish speakers::abuelita means "grandma" and spanish. to keep the clarity between grandma and great grandma, our family rule is to call the great-grandma "abuelita". I did so and now my children do too.}
abuelita's {my grandma} house is a magical place. it is almost as if time stand still over there. even now, when I'm having a bad day, I will slip off to my grandma's house and she will make me something yummy to eat...no one makes food like my grandma. and just in case you were wondering, my grandma makes the best pancakes ever! anyways, the kids and i went to her house to her house to drop off einstein because he was spending the night.

the kids love playing in the backyard. einstein loves to pull the little princess in the wagon. they ended up playing outside together for an hour, while my grandma updated me on the latest family gossip.
before we left, the little princess got in some snuggle time with abuelita.

after a long day of shopping, playing and visiting with abuelita, my little princess fell asleep on the way home and so we got to snuggle a bit before she woke up.
it was a wonderful saturday full of fun, playing and catching up.

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  1. What a blessing to have family nearby! I'm sure she treasures the time she gets to spend with your kiddos :)


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