Sunday, October 7, 2012

{31 days:: saturday}

it's saturday and that means sleeping in. my wonderful husband lets me sleep in on saturday mornings. i'm one lucky girl!
today, we decided to work on things around the house. i decided to finally put my clothes away. did you know i've had my clothes in baskets since we moved...yes, i know, it's horrible.
my sister came over to dye my hair...i've been dying for the ombre look. i'm so thankful for a sister who does hair. (better picture tomorrow)
after my was done, the husband and i went on an impromptu target date.

we picked up a couple things for the kids...our little princess was in love with her new toy.
his new toy...please excuse the mess.
it's saturday night which means...
finally, the husband and i topped off the night with the best coffee shakes ever! {i'll share the recipe next week}

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