Tuesday, October 23, 2012

{31 days:: tgif}

after a long and difficult week, the husband thought we all needed a special treat, so he took us out to dinner.

as you can see, our little princess took her coloring very seriously.
oh and i have some wonderful news share...guess who is finally drinking milk??? well, chocolate milk, but atleast it's milk right??? yup, it's our girl and as you can see below, she is in love.

aparently the flash on my phone is soooo bright that this is the only way einstein will let me take a picture of him.
have i mentioned out little princess can be a bit of diva...and a bit demanding??? well, she decided that she was tired of sitting in the high chair and thought dad's lap would do as the perfect replacement.
we left the restaraunt with stomach's full, bellies sore from laughing and smiles on our faces...i love my little family!

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