Tuesday, October 30, 2012

{it's ok to eat chocolate and cry}

last week was hard.
it started with monday and each day grew progressively worse until thursday...that' when i gave in...i ate chocolate and cried. i cried until i could not cry any more. i cried until my eyes could not produce any more tears. and in the midst of all the crying I prayed. prayed for comfort. i prayed for peace. and before i knew it, all was calm and all was right and i fell fast asleep. I woke up the next morning with this undescrible peace...it was was amazing. i had only a couple hours of sleep and yet i was able to function. i never cease to be amazed by God. I called to Him and He answered, even when i don't deserve it.
sometimes, we momma's feel like we have to be all and do all. we feel like we have to shoulder the burden for everything, but we don't. we are so privileged to have a Father who wants to shoulder the burden for us all we have to do is ask. but sometimes, it is very hard to formulate the words and ask Him. I know it sounds crazy, but it's true. and it's because of a little thing called pride. pride keeps us from asking for help when we need it the most. but as soon as we start chipping away at the wall of pride we built it starts crumbing down and then God can come in and fill us with the most amazing peace--no description can do it justice.
and so, i just wanna encourage you momma's...it's ok to not to be able to do it all. it's ok to take a break and decompress. it's ok to ask God for help.
and sometimes it's ok to eat chocolate and cry.

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