Tuesday, October 2, 2012

{so i have decided to become one of the 31 dayers}

i have decided to become a 31 dayer!
yes, after some thought and considersation i have decided to take the plunge.
what is a 31 dayer you may ask??? well, every october the nester hosts a series which last the entire month, hence the term "31 dayer". anyone can join. all you do is pick a topic and write about for 31 days...simple enough. i have always wanted to join, but never knew what to write about. i knew it had to be something simple enough for me to get done every day without adding any extra stress for pressure. and so today beings my series of....
31 days of my life in pictures
sorry, there is no fancy, fun button...i'm working on it.
anywho...here is day #1.
fun bright colored pants

crazy hot weather in fall

my little chef in the making

an unexpected afternoon fever which lasted all through the night


don't forget to check out the other 31 dayers' here.



  1. So excited you're doing the linkup! I think this is such a good idea - love those pants :)

  2. What a cute idea, doing your day in pictures! This should be an exciting 31 days for us all.


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