Tuesday, November 20, 2012

{100 things about me}

just in case you wanted to know a little bit more about me or you just need a good laugh...her are...

A 100 things about me:

1. i married my college sweetheart; whom i intially became friends with to pass gen chem.
2. i hate capitalizing letters when i type; hence, why none of this will be capitalized.
3. when i was little i thought i was french because my first and middle name are french. i was very disappointed to learn that i was in fact, not french.
4. for as long as i can remember i have been obsessed with all things french ( see #3).
5. when i was little i always wanted 6 six kids, then i had einstein and changed my mind a bit, now i just want 5.
6. i love to read.
7. i love school. i would be a professional student if i could get paid to do so.
8. i taught myself to sew...i absolutely love sewing.
9. i am procrastinator and i'm so good at it that i could give lessons.
10. i love to stay up late...going to be early scares me.
11. i am not a morning person...i hate waking up early.
12. i love the beach...so much so i want to live there one day.
13. i am addicted to coffee...and anything coffee flavored for that fact.
14. i have a notorious track record for not finishing things...something i don't like about myself that i am working on changing.
15. i love to take pictures, especially of my cute kids; i just don't like to be them.
16. the husband and i celebrate our wedding anniversary every month...we have ever since we got married.
17. i live in flip flops.
18. i adore high heels...i collect 'em actually...hardly wear them because then i'm taller than the husband.
19. i love to read a bit before bed...it helps me sleep better.
20. one of my favorite candies is the violet crumble.
21. i absolutely adore audrey hepburn! she is a true starlet.
22. watching "breakfast at tiffanys" makes me smile.
23. i want to visit to new york one day.
24. i want to buy something from tiffany's in new york.
25. i would love to live in france for a bit.
26. i love horses... one day i want to own horses
27. peonies are my favorite flowers. I wish i could grow them, but the crazy california weather will not allow it.
28. i love hydrangeas too, and every time i try to grow them, they die.
29. i could watch 'gilmore girls' over and over again. I am currently on my fifth run through of the entire series.
30. i adore 'gidget'. when i was little i wished i was cute like her and surfed.
31. i love cherry coke.
32. i should live in hawaii.
33. my dream is to live on a farm one day...maybe a farm in hawaii?
34. i want to write a novel.
35. when life gets hard i dye my hair.
36. i have a book addiction. i have to buy a book at least every month or i go a little stir crazy.
37. i love, love lollypops...luv pops are my favorite.
38. when i first became a mom the one thing that terrified me about being a mom was potty training...now that i've successfully jumped that hurdle, the thought of having the 'birds and the bees' talk makes me want to faint.
39. i must wear sunglasses at all times while outside.
40. i am notorious for not sending out thank you cards...i would much rather say it in person.
41. i love to bake.
42. i am a very picky eater, largely due to the fact that i had severe allergies and was a sickly child; however, i so wish i was not such a picky eater.
43. sometimes i wish i was a professional photographer.
44. i have a slight magazine addiction... i currently subscribe to 10 different magazines.
45. i cannot leave the house without my wedding ring, earrings, watch, and necklace...otherwise i feel naked.
46. i never take off my wedding ring...if i have to for some crazy reason i always have my husband put it back on for me.
47. i am very shy, and because of this many people assume i am stuck up. (remember what they say about people who assume.)
48. i own a record player and i love playing records.
49. i would rather spend the day with my kids than clean my house.
50. i love birds, everytime i own them one ends up killing the other. i currently have no birds.
51. when i was kid some of my favorite movies were: "the birds", "follow that bird", and "the return of oz"
52. i like making up my up my own recipes.
53. i used to swim competitively in highschool.
54. my husband and i hope to open a bookstore one day.
55. i used to be vehemently opposed to the kindle and nook, that was until i got a nook and fell in love.
56. i love to take naps.
57. i love licorice...red vines are my favorite.
58. i adore watching old movies.
59. i love when it rains.
60. i can only drink hot chocolate if it's cold outside.
61. i love ronald reagan.
62. i have a membership to the ronald reagan library.
63. i have a shelf dedicated to only ronald reagan books.
64.i am known for my chocolate chip cookies.
65. i can't say no to chocolate.
66. i love a good cheese burger.
67. i am a self taught cook via the food network.
68. cary grant is the man all men should strive to be like.
69. there is non other like audrey hepburn...she is classic and real.
70. i firmly believe that disneyland is magical.
71. i love mr. rogers.
72. i laugh everytime i watch "friends"
73. i  watch old movies when it rains.
74. i want to move to the east coat and live in a town like stars hallow. 
75. i have always wanted to go to new hampshire and tap a tree for maple syrup
76. i am afraid the vacuum will suck up my toes
77. i enjoy spending the afternoon at the library
78. i want to write an e-course one day
79. i hate peas, but i love split pea soup.
80. i want to live in santa barbra--it's the perfect mix of mountains meets ocean.
81. i want to renew my vows with a 1940's themed wedding.
82. i am obsessed with anything chartreuse
83. i am a fierce momma bear when it comes to my kids
84. i have a massive collection of picture frames
85. i love yard sales
86. i watch 'gone with the wind" everytime it's on tv even though i have the dvd.
87. I usually read the book after watching the movie
88. i don't like rap music
89. i love candles
90. i always like my house smelling sweet
91. i love candy
92. i love cherries
93. i love meeting new people
94. bacon is my best friend
95. i always have my nails painted
96. i live in jeans
97. i still have some of the clothes i wore in highschool
98. i have a purse/bag obsession
99. i love, love japanese food
100. i love cherry lemonade.

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  1. i came over here from yours truly. and i swear i already commented on this post. but perhaps something went awry. anyways, love this blog! i'm looking forward to reading more!


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