Friday, November 9, 2012

{ i'm a coupon junkie}

i have a confession....
i am a coupon junkie.
yes, i said it and i'm not ashamed.
i first started couponing when einstein was a baby...babies can be a little expensive. i have always used coupons since then, sometimes more aggressively than others. but when my husband lost his job a few years ago, coupons became our only way to survive. And now, as our income/job situation has changed since my little princess arrived, coupons have been our lifeline.
Coupons are not just for food anymore. You find coupons for nearly everything now. Not only coupons, but special online deals and discounts that make living on tight budget managable and even fun....yes, i said fun. just because you live on a tight budget doesn't mean you can't have fun.
a couple friends recently asked me to share my couponing secrets. so one afternoon, while our babies were playing, i showed them the art of couponing and showed them how i find deals on nearly everything, like eye appiontments and such. they had so much fun and learned so much they started telling others about it. and it got me thinking. I know there are others out there like me and with the holiday season coming what better time to save money. and so i have decided to "share the wealth" sotospeak. throughout the day/week as i come across a good deal/good buy i will post it on my Facebook fan page, because sometimes there are so many deals it would be too hard to blog about it, otherwise i would be blogging all day.
So, if you're not follower already, head on over to my facebook page and "like" it so you don't miss out on deals!


  1. Way to go! Coupons, frugalness! Your awesome!

  2. I am so not a couponer; when you haven't done it much it can all seem so overwhelming - how to save money without spending every moment of free time available? Or maybe that's just me who feels overwhelmed by it.

    1. it can be overwhelming, but i will be sharing some tips and tricks that make it easier.


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