Thursday, December 13, 2012

{changes coming::something free for you}

there are going to be a few changes around this here blog come January, one of which is advertising. yes, i have decided to jump into wild world of blog advertising. i don't want to be all about money and followers, but rather a friendship, or partnership, between me and my potential advertiser.
i have compiled a list of things i did and did not like about advertising and i am slowly tweeking it so i can offer the best, fairest advertising perks as possible. and so for the month of january ( and maybe february too) i am offering free advertising, while i finish ironing out all the kinks.
so, if you like my blog, are interested in me promoting your shop/or blog, and  you like free things, then fill out this form.


thank you for your comment...i read every one and they make me smile.


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