Tuesday, December 4, 2012

{i want to let you in on a little secret....}

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i want to let you in on a little secret....
i love to dance!
ever since i was a little girl i dreamed bing a dancer. a child of the 80's , i grew up watching Fame. i wanted nothing more than than to move to new york so i could go that high school and became a famous dancer.
i loved dancing so much that whenever i went to my cousins house, we would spend the afternoon watching music videos and then after we had "learned" all the steps to the dances, we would preform them for my aunt. and my love for dance has never left since then.
i have never been a big fan of video games and such, but when i heard about the Just Dance games all that changed. i knew i had to get Just Dance 2, and so that Christmas, i took part of my bonus and bought a wii and Just Dance 2. i was a happy girl, dancing my little heart away. and then, when i saw that Just Dance 4 came out i knew i had to have it! i "hinted" tothe husband that i would be a very happy girl if i got it for Christmas.
if you haven't checked it out already you must! Just Dance 4 has some of the best mix of songs...it's got some new stuff with some classics (like barry white and that awesome song from diry dancing.) I'm telling you it's a must!  
so check it out and let me know what you think.

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  1. Dancing is magical;-) Hello dear Your Truly Chelsea sent me your way!


    Heather P.
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