Friday, January 11, 2013

{coffee date::catching up}

if were having coffee today i would have you meet me at my all time favorite coffee shop--busters! i haven't been here since forever!!! I would order my usual plus a piece of shortbread--they have the best shortbread by the way. after finding a seat upstairs, we would sit and chat for a bit--catch up it's been way to long since our last coffee date.

if we were having coffee today i would tell you this did not go as planned. this was supposed to be a week of new beginnings and of getting things done. instead, it turned to be the complete opposite.
 if we were having coffee today i would tell you my little princess has been sick all week. monday and tuesday she woke every other hour and all she wanted was for me to pick her up, give her a hug and then lay her back down. *melt my momma heart* needless to say i have not had much sleep this week. this was supposed to be the week I go to bed on time and wake up early. well, that went out the window as soon as my little princess got sick.
if we were having coffee today, i would have to confess that i have been in yoga pants and glasses all week...and honestly, i would did not realize it until the husband told me today that i looked and that it was nice to see me in jeans once again...oops.
if we were having coffee today i would tell you i school started this week for both einstein and me. this session is my most intense yet! i am taking not one but two writing classes which means lots and lots of writing. i had grand plans to do a little each day and for once in my scholarly life get things done before they're due--well that did not happen. my lack a sleep derailed my grand plan and while I'm trying not to let it get me down, i'm hoping to be able to catch and get everything done and turned in on time sunday.
if we were having coffee today i would tell you that i have lots and lots of plans for this here blog and while all these ideas are swimming around in my head, i'm doing best to not  get ahead of myself and to stay focused on thing at a time.
if were having coffee today i would tell you that i finally admitted to myself that i am creative. i know that may sound weird, but for the first time in my life i actually believed it. this is a very big step for me. you see i always feel like a failure and for me to admit that i am actually good at something is really huge for me. this past year, i have, little by litte, been embracing my creative side and i am very happy for how far i have come and excited for what this year si going to bring.
if we were having coffee today i would tell you that i am hoping next week is better--more productive--and if it's not that's ok too.

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